Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Upping our Game on Recycling

MBT Plant - Aycliffe

My latest vlog interview, this time with Bruce Whitley, Operations Director at Wades in Aycliffe. This is an on-site interview at the site of the new MBT plant that will process Darlington's household waste, and boost recycling rates to 50% and beyond.

The new scheme begins on September 7th. You should be reading plenty more about it between now and then.


ex-labour said...

Morning Nick

Impresive looking set up and hope it does work for you. One question I do have is (and it is based on the assumption the sorting is mostly being done by hand)we all know people should shred documents etc some sadly or stupidly don't are there any data protection safeguards in place for those personal documents that the workers may stumble upon while sifting, and indeed any checks made on the "sifters" that they are for example CRB checked.

Do you understand my concerns, where as before most stuff just was land filled and gone forever soon everyones waste will get a second screening and could be subject to fraudulent use.

I am not suggesting anyone is upto this but like everything there is an outside chance of misuse.

Are there any safeguards, data protection or the like.

Ian W said...

Well Nick is there any safeguard?