Sunday, June 07, 2009

Final North East Result

1. Labour 147,338
2. Tories 116,911
3. LibDems 103,644
4. UKIP 90,700
5. BNP 52,700
6. Greens 34,081

6 other parties polled between 2,904 and 13,007.

Result - status quo.  Labour 1 seat, Tories 1, LibDems 1.



Adrian said...

Lousy times for Labour - just 6% of voters turned out for you. Still, it's not a pretty sight to watch Gordon Brown being hounded out of office.

All the best, Adrian

Anonymous said...

Adrian said "it's not a pretty sight to watch Gordon Brown being hounded out of office."

Depends where you are sitting Adrian, its the best thing since we had the moat cleaned in our house!

He was never voted, never wanted and should never have been.

Remind me where Obama Beach is Nick?

General Election needed!

Paul Cain said...

In earlier threads I predicted annihilation.
Not even I thought the rejection of New Labour would be so total and so widespread.
Second to the Tories in Wales; two BNP MEPs thanks to New Labour's abuse of the working classes.

If New Labour was a dog, you'd have it put to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Labour haven't the guts to get rid of Brown, but the British people will do the job for them. The boos will get louder and the protests bigger until he finally gets the message.

Bill said...

I know that as third labour candidate you never had any real chance of being elected Nick, but my commiserations anyway - you obviously put a lot of selfless hard work into the campaign.

Ian W said...

I agree with Bill, whilst I don't hold with Labour or Brown at present, and know the MP scandal being exposed must of hurt all, you did open the door to the smaller more radical party's gaining seats.

Nick, I know whay its like to put a lot of effort into something you hold dear and lose (twice) so equally, my commiserations also.

Darlington Councillor said...

Thanks for the kind comments.

I knew in advance that I didn't have a prayer, but I like campaigning and talking to voters more than anything else in politics, so it really was a 'busman's holiday'.

I would have thought that Paul wouldn't have been able to resist reminding me that Mebyon Kernow beat us into 6th place in Cornwall...

Still, it's always useful to remember that these were elections to the European Parliament, and as minds concentrate on the national political scene, my judgement is that some support will return to Labour. I'm not trying to minimise the horror of the result, but European elections are a poor guide to later voting at either a local or national level.

Paul Cain said...

Morning Councillor Wallis

Yes, I saw you came sixth behind a Cornish nationalist party and, yes, I had a bit of a giggle, although we all know there's something more serious to discuss.

What really pees me off is the sight of two BNP MEPs strutting around the place.

You know I blame New Labour for this. Of all New Labour's many damaging legacies, this is the most toxic.

I think it's worth reflecting on something.

The parties that focused highly on immigration - UKIP, BNP, English Democrats, United Kingdom First - received a combined 3,795,632 votes last Thursday.

Please do not do what New Labour has done for the past 12 years, and screech that because someone has uttered the word "immigration", it means they are racist.

Will you accept that many British people, of all races and ethnicities, are deeply uncomfortable with your government's non-policy on immigration?

(And don't insult our intelligence by claiming that the new points-based system etc has resolved the problem. It hasn't. It's too late to bolt the stable door. The horse is long gone.)

Is there any chance that anyone from New Labour will recognise this and, heaven forbid, apologise?

Apologise, that is, both for the unfettered nature of much immigration, especially in the last five years; for lying about it, and for smearing anyone who voiced concern as a racist and xenophobe?

(Your party's abuse of Migrationwatch's chairman Sir Andrew Green, whose warnings about the levels of immigration, even by the admission of the Home Office, were very accurate, was libelous and disgusting).

Is it any wonder that when New Labour spent more than a decade telling its natural constituency that they are racist bigots, then said voters respond by saying "If you're going to call me a racist bigot, I'm going to vote like one"?

The mindlessly one-sided nature of New Labour's "diversity" agenda has awoken a dangerous monster - the BNP.

Let's hope this is their high point. If so, it'll be down to the good sense of the British voters, and nothing that New Labour has done.

If not, then God help us.

Paul Cain said...

Sorry to post again, but I've just come across these stats from the Darlington constituency in the Euro elections.

Health warning: so far as I'm aware Darlington this time round included some rural places normally part of Sedgefield, which may, or may not, affect voting patterns.

Cons: 28.1 percent
UKIP: 16.1 percent
Lab: 20.1 percent.

If you take the view, as many do, that most UKIP votes will return to the Tory fold at the general election, then Mr Milburn might have a proper fight on his hands.

Coun Wallis: What's your opinion on the above figures, and do you agree that Darlington may be closer next time round than it has been for a while?

And how do you respond to allegations (much voiced elsewhere) that Alan Milburn, who has, apparently six outside jobs and lives in Northumberland, needs to pay more attention to his constituency?