Saturday, June 27, 2009

Darlington Community Carnival Procession 2009

Darlington Community Carnival Procession 2009

And now for something completely different!

It was great to sit on the High Row this lunchtime with the family and watch the Carnival procession. Hundreds of hours of work clearly had gone into the costumes and models. It was fantastic to see.


Happy in Darlo said...

Is this not the celebration parade for Milburn going?

Anonymous said...

Indeed it is.

Look at all the happy smiling faces.

Anonymous said...

Indeedy I think so too!

When has Darlington been so happy if only Johno would go we all would be laughing.

There will be some ale swigged tonight for sure.

Wonder if the expenses scandal could even wash over to Horace and Doris in Royal MSG.

Don't you just love freedom of information, no wonder they all wanted it kept quiet.

Anonymous said...

The Echo will be awful tomorrow.

Banner headline page 1 about Milburn, tributes, photos, where were you when you heard that Milburn had resigned, what he has done for Darlo, full blown toe curling editoral, the lot. Just like on Friday when Jacko passed on

Anonymous said...

Yea Gods. Barron's already hot footed it up to Northumberland to interview Milburn and it will appear in all its glory in tomorrows Echo.

Greedy B'stard said...

No one should buy the Echo as a sign of our disaproval of the way Milburn has milked us for all he can and still won't give it up, he would rather give up politics the job that got him on the Pepsico gravy train to begin with.

I think "Barron's already hot footed it up to Northumberland"

says it all, Northumberland why not with his constituents in Darlo?

Anonymous said...

Anyone noticed not one positive message of support for poor Alan on here?

He can stay in Northumberland for me, he's done nothing for Darlo for years...sorry I forgot shut our Post Offices.

Apparently the Gov. could not afford to "chip in" and help the postie's... well now we know why all the spare cash they had was being milked by greedy MP's expenses.

Thanks Alan, for nothing I would of wrote to thank you for resigning like a coward, but we no longer have a post office to buy a stamp without the need for 2 bus trips.

Anonymous said...

I think you lot lack gratitude for all Alan has done.

Have you all been listening to that Chris Close?

This is the sort of thing he harps on about!

How can anyone doubt Alan?

ex-labour said...


Name some of his good things?

I'm all ears.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what postings Nick has removed?

Something telling the truth about 'Miew' Labour no doubt or maybe a letter from Councillor Barker or Coultas?

Lord Snooty said...

Some were about Royal MSG and I think some about Pepsico Boy, if I recall correctly.

99% of which could of been verified on the net.

I guess the truth hurts or someone has complained.

It's not the same with censorship what next we all need to wear arm bands and register, then be moved into seperate areas (for our own good of course)then the Zyclon B.

What ever happened to freedom of speech Nick?

Especially if although painful, true.