Saturday, June 27, 2009

Breaking News! - Alan Milburn to stand down

At a hastily convened meeting of Darlington CLPs General Committee this morning, Alan Milburn announced that he won't be contesting the seat for Labour at the next General election. 

More later.


Chris Close said...

Good idea before he gets slaughtered in an election.

Pompous, useless MPs should give way and Mike Barker's letter in the Echo yesterday summed him right up.

Hope you don't make the mistake of thinking of standing Nick or Labour will be dead in Darlo???

Darlington Councillor said...

Hmmm. Some characteristically generous comments about Alan there, Chris. I've blogged since with my initial thoughts.

By the way, I see on Iain Dale's site that you are claiming that you are the person who "broke the story" of Alan standing down. I wonder how that is the case, exactly?

ex-labour said...

Boys, boys, the point is he's going and Darlo can only be better for it.

He will not of wanted to give up all his extra income to work with the peasants for "peanuts"!

I personally don't care who broke it but I hope it's true.

Bye Bye Alan.

Anonymous said...

Great news now I know it's true I hope it is the start of more resignations.

This had to come to many MP's who have blatantly milked the system for their own ends whilst doing very little for their electorate, well judgement day is upon them.

Most will be found wanting irrespective of party!

Anonymous said...

So do I take it Nick you are claiming breaking the story?

Was that when you went for Coffee?

And do you really want to lay claim to 'leaking' a story like this?

Darlington Councillor said...

Just to be clear - no, I'm not claiming responsibility for breaking the story, as it was already "out there" when I posted.

Don't be misled by the timings on the main blog - they are an hour behind BST.