Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Scandal of Longer Working Hours

Very interesting piece on the local section of the BBC's Politics Show today on the plight of workers being made to work ridiculous hours by management. There was a debate afterwards featuring the the North East 3 MEP's and a UKIP candidate - it was telling that only Labour's Stephen Hughes had the research to back up his arguments.

I'll post a link to the debate when it becomes available on the BBC site.


ex-labour said...


Got my voting slip/papers but have seen nowhere who is standing and for which party.

Not that I trust MEP's anymore than I trust MP's it would be nice to inform people who exactly is going to sponge off their taxes on the EU gravy train.

Time for a referendum not a vote my friend, but no Nu-Labour are to frightened as they already know the out come of a referendum and our none elected PM just does not listen anymore, so to you and all your Labour cronies get those expenses in now they are due to run out soon.

Charity begins at home and there are plenty here in the NE feeling the pinch while "your lot" milk the expenses system for all it has, these career parasites need weeding out and then throwing out.

A good start would be pepsico boy a master of hype and black belt at second incomes. No wonder "your lot" want it kept quiet just how much they make on the side while they should be in their constituencies working for their electorate, not making thousands in back handers, sorry endorsements for their second and third even forth jobs.

I wont even go into the Ghurkas on this rant!

Ian W said...

Must say I agree the comment regarding the treatment of the Gurkhas, it is disgusting to everyone I have spoken with, we let thousands of immigrants in every year (not counting those that illegally slip through) some of which are only here for our benefits or to become MP's for their second home allowances, why can we not let these honourable men and their families stay they have served this country for years with pride, better still offer them employment with the UK "border patrol" see how many want to try illegally sneaking through past them.

On this one the Gov. is as usual a disgrace and out of touch with what the public think, any comments Nick?

Anonymous said...


I see your running mate Fay Tinnion lives in Oxfordshire firstly why not stand down there or did they not want her? and secondly will she be claiming a third home allowance for one in the NE as well as Oxford and Brussels?

The gravy train rolls on!

Anonymous said...

Thought you might appreciate this from Guido Fawkes blog.

Whisky and Revolver offered to Gordon

Peter Oborne, once second only to Janet Daley as Gordon’s biggest booster amongst the right-wing pundits and the last to lose faith in him, is now calling for Gordon to sit down with a bottle of whisky and a revolver. Oborne says Brown is imploding mentally.

Polly Toynbee once praised Brown as an intellectual colossus, master-strategist and political titan. Now she says Gordon Brown has no ideas and under his leadership Labour has become a rotten, defeatist rabble. Polly recollects that “Many said he had neither the temperament nor the political skills for the top job. I was among those who hoped he had, because you have to live in hope.” Now she has no hope.

Tomorrow is the thirtieth anniversary of the coming to power of Margaret Thatcher. Under Gordon’s chancellorship and premiership Britain has tested to fiscal destruction the tax and spend approach. A return to sound money and fiscal conservativism is the change which will bring hope.

Like the bit about Labour are a rotten, defeatist rabble.

Darlington Councillor said...

Thanks, everyone. I think.

Firstly, Ian, I was dismayed like the rest of the Party at the way in which the issue of the Gurkas was handled - after all, for years when in office the Tories refused to do anything to promote the rights of these soldiers who have served this country so bravely in conflict. It was a foul-up, but I'm glad enough Labour MP's voted with the opposition to ensure a proper rethink, and we can look forward now to justice for these proud warriors.

As for Fay - well she is North East born and bred (her father is a stalwart of the Co-operative movement, and she stood against William Hague in Richmond), but it so happens her husband is a serving member of the RAF so as a family they've had to move around a bit.

If elected, she is fully committed to the North East, and has been campaigning actively around the region for the past 12 months, as I can attest - indeed, we're both out in Hartlepool tomorrow!

If anyone wants to see evidence of the gravy train in action in Brussels, Labour MEPs are the very last place to look - check out some Tories and UKIP members' records.

Ex-Labour but willing to return. said...

Nick, would you be travelling between Darlington and Brussels or would the Town Hall job go?

I ask this as you are Labours only hope of removing and replacing the despot Williams.

If you gaining a seat removes the earliest option for removing Johno I will not be voting for you.

It is true Labour are in trouble but you don't fix this by sending the good ones away and leaving the bad apples, Darlington deserves to hav a good Labour Party again one set up and sticking to the origins of Labourism, this is lacking at present in Darlington under the present leader who instills dislike and no confidence.

Forget EMP aim for part leader here at home thats where you are needed not 800 miles away, you are the man for the job of rebuilding trust in Labour within Darlington.

Your people need you!

Ian White said...

Nick I have just read yesterdays Echo and following from my recent post about the Gurkhas I was a little shocked to see our MP Alan Milburn and our other one Phil Wilson (here in Hurworth) both voted against the Gurkha settlement rights.

Funny you forgot to point this out.

Ex-Labour said...


But didn't the crafty pair do a similar thing when they got some nice free press coverage for fighting the Post Office closures and do exactly the same vote for them to be closed?

Nu Labour, you couldn't make it up!

Anonymous said...

Stephen Hughes is as guilty as the rest

Why not ask them?
or visit his web site
Cheating thieving scum.
anyone know of any more because this sort of factual information should inform voters next week

The following is from Open Europe's press report of today

Leading opponent of UK's 48-hour opt-out pockets thousands in MEP allowances
The News of the World reported that Labour MEP Stephen Hughes is claiming his full £42,000 office allowance this year, despite his office rent being just £1,642. He also pays his wife, a local Councillor, £40,000 to be his "chief of staff". The paper notes that he is not breaking any rules, as the EU permits members to claim the full amount even if they do not spend it. It also notes that "he could have raked in hundreds of thousands from the benefit over his 25-year MEP career." Stephen Hughes is leading the European Parliament's campaign to end the UK's opt-out from the 48-hour week.