Saturday, May 23, 2009

"Just like an Episode of Coronation Street"

I'm not a violent man. Far from it. But when I heard the interview with Tory MP Anthony Steen yesterday, I could happily have slapped him round the head and shoulders with a wet fish. The man is evidently completely detached from reality, and to blsme the the Government's Freedon of Information Act for his resignation simply beggars belief.

I've embedded his interview only because I think it will encapsulate for years to come the extent to which some MP's had become completely isolated from the communities they purported to represent.

On a positive note, I was heartened by the interview Labour MP Frank Field gave on the Week In Westminster programme. Clearly he gets it. Frank has his own blog, which you can see, where he will flesh out his ideas as he campaigns to become the next Speaker of the House of Commons. It should be well worth reading.

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D'ton Tax Payers Alliance said...


Should you decide to justifiably beat him around the head and shoulders with a fish, please make sure it is huge and its well frozen.

I just read yesterdays Echo and was speechless when I saw it, sadly he's not the only one who regrets the day the Freedom of Information Act was ever brought into law.

I think every citizen of the UK now knows the true extent of why so many who purport to represent us wanted their expenses to be exempt.

If I recall there was a few at DBC who felt/feel the same way, I recall a well paid public official claiming for a £3.15 sandwich and not paying for it from his handson allowance as Council leader but sticking it on as expenses.

The allowance at the time was of course not as high as the 30K he gets now it was only about 28K, so many will see how he could not afford to buy a sandwich from those pityful allowances.

Lucky for NU-Labour its not just your lot but it still will cost you the next election, on a positive note you all will have more time to watch Coronation Street.