Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fruit & Veg

Nick's Vegetable Plot

Despite the rigours of my various commitments this year (see M. Swainston, passim) I've had some time to work on the vegetable patch.

There have been a few disasters (notably the cauliflowers), but we did harvest our first spring onions, which gave me a disproportionate amount of pleasure in ratio to the actual amount of crop! The patch is surrounded by a fence, to keep the rabbits and the chickens out - anyone who has tried to turn over soil whilst 4 curious chickens scratch around for worms and generally get in the way, will appreciate the necessity...


Anonymous said...

Is that the new way to get new labour party members, grow a bunch of cauliflowers planted by a chicken (or should that be a cock).

A Milburn said...

What next a MOAT?