Saturday, May 09, 2009

Flippin' 'Eck! - it's Vlogging!!

It's time to give vlogging a go - or video blogging. Regular readers of this blog will be familiar with my very poor, blurry films via my BlackBerry device - I've never been satisfied with the quality, but haven't had a real alternative.

Then during filming of one of our Northern Decision Makers, Chris Lloyd, Deputy Editor of the Northern Echo showed me his new Flip device - he'd just used it to conduct a quick interview with David Cameron. The picture quality was amazing, and has the benefit of being very affordable. I've been itching to buy one ever since.

It's small, and has an inbuilt USB link, so no more leads to add to my huge collection of redundant wire.

I'll still be writing "standard" posts, but hope to use the Flip to chart the European campaign over the next few weeks. I'll be chatting to leading North East Labour Party figures, and residents, to hear their take on the events of the day.

Be warned - until I master the format, we're not talking BBC production values here. There are some awkward moments as the camera gets passed from interviewer to interviewee (you'll see what I mean in the first few posts). Still, I think it's got the potential to make the blog more accessible - I'd welcome your views as the format develops.


Ian W said...


Wish I had read this yesterday morning. I was with Chris Lloyd briefly and would of asked for a look, could we have some idea of where sells them and approx cost (hope its not on expenses) would be nice.

Ian W said...

Trawled about the web and they are approx £99 everywhere but amazon have them for £73.

Hope this helps.

Darlington Councillor said...

Hmmm - wish I done a bit more research!

Thanks, Ian.