Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eviction Scandal of Newton Aycliffe MIND

MIND Premises Scandal - Newton Aycliffe

Very busy on Wednesday, spending the afternoon and early evening with members of Ashok Kumar's team in Lingdale. Earlier in the day, I joined Labour MEP Stephen Hughes in Newton Aycliffe canvassing in the Washington Crescent area.

Afterwards, we visited the MIND drop-in centre in nearby Oswald Park. The facility draws members from all over south west Durham, including Tow Law and Darlington. Centre volunteers have worked hard to help transform an old bowling pavillion into a great facility for people recovering from mental health problems. Quite why Great Aycliffe Town Council would want to summarily evict the charity from the premises is beyond me. No good reason for not renewing MIND's lease appears to have been given to the charity. The situation is quite simply scandalous.

I'll be writing to Great Aycliffe Town Council to ask them to reconsider their decision, even at this very late stage. This is a project which deserves to stay put!


ex-labour said...

How two faced... did DBC not evict Advocacy in Darlington from its town centre premisis on "made up" rent issues, did DBC not remove all the disabled workers from the then Railway Museum on the pretence of letting them return once complete?
Did your own Labour party not just the other day have to eat humble pie and step down over wanting to evict the Gurkhas.

Two faced to the end!

Nice to see our two, two faced MP's are upto no good with their expences/ allowances one can only hope Gordons promise of those caught will not be allowed to re-stand, holds true but then again he is two faced as well so probably not.

Anonymous said...

Yup. Labour did all these things in Darlington.

Labour with a social conscience now theres a novelty.

Mother of Museum worker said...

I recall most of those events. Two faced but fibbing till the end.

Nick why write to Aycliffe Town Council when you stood back and let your own Darlington Council do equal attrocities?

Is there an election coming up, per chance?

Anonymous said...

No town council in the land has the budget or the remit to provide mental health care. The building was only ever loaned to Mind, initially on a short term basis, until Great Aycliffe Town Council could regenerate the park. The town council has an obligation to the tax payer to provide, among other things, parks and gardens, and to maintain such amenities for their intended use. There has been a great deal about this in the press and I'm sure that's what the council would have said if someone asked. I know it is an emotive issue but spare a thought for the service users who have already gone through a lot without another round of false hope and broken promises.