Saturday, May 30, 2009

Comment Moderation

I guess given that I am a candidate and polling day is approaching, it was inevitable that some would choose to peddle slurs against another candidate on my blog.

With reluctance, therefore - as I'm out campaigning most of the time, and simply can't respond quickly to take down such comments - I've turned comment moderation on.

All being well, this blog will become unmoderated once again on Friday.


ex-labour said...

Comment moderation makes the blog so dull we have to wait weeks for any new uploads, its like a pub with free beer but no glass's.

Come on Nick "man up"

Paul Leake said...

I suspect once Nick's been able to put his feet up for a day or two normal service will be resumed. If only free beer could be.

ex labour said...

Have to get this up quickish before moderation is turned back on.

Is it me or are Labour dropping like fly's.

I see silly milly is trying to boot out Gordon probably so he can still have a seat on the gravy train when it next leaves the Labour station.

I hear it is going to be around the year 2469 by the time they get back in, and there will be no more trains left by then.

But lots of "good for you" pepsico!

Anonymous said...

Oh such fun Labour's dropping like flies. Another minister has gone. Slagging off Gordie. Such loyalty. Just like Milly.

Hain who resigned over ahem questionnable expenses is back.

Well what do you know the plods might not be prosecuting the thieves in Parliament after all.

Sunday will be very interesting. Wonder what your mates, Steven and Cyndii will be doing on Monday after their gravy train gets derailed.

Quick quick send for the moderator. Cut.

Won't live in Darlington said...


Theirs the sound of that "gravy train" derailing!