Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Carbon Management

Cutting down on Carbon

To London yesterday, to take part in an initial meeting with the Carbon Trust.

How does a Council like Darlington, determined to play its part in tackling global warming, know whether its various initiatives are working? Fortunately, the Labour Government has helped fund the Carbon Trust to work with local authorities to establish what their baseline carbon dioxide emissions are (via energy use, transportation and the like) and then to help the council work out how to reduce them.

Being accepted onto the carbon management course, which means that councils have free access to the expertise of experts in the field, is an extremely competitive exercise, and I'm delighted we were selected this year.


miketually said...

I'm sure that a bike path like the one on that road would fit onto Yarm Road, Woodlands Road and North Road. If only we were a cycling demonstration town who were aiming to reduce CO2 emissions...

Inconvenient Truth said...

Quote from the video host:

"Councils like Darlington have to reduce the amount of carbon they use by over 30% by 2020. That's a big task."

Quote from Socialdata report on Darlington travel habits:

"34% of car journeys in the town are not necessary, and could easily be done by sustainable means, especially cycling".

And yes, Mike, spot the solutions. Good cycling infrastructure on main roads, less convenient by car, more convenient (and safe) by bicycle = more cycling journeys, less car journeys = reduced emissions.

Tree Hugger said...

Grow up

All you green cycle nuts are loopy, pedal if you must but keep off the towns roads.

The Carbon Trust just another Quango milking the system. Why will no one own up to just how much of our rubbish gets shipped to China to be landfill.

The good lord did not invent the internal combustion engine if he wanted us all to pedal everywhere being a nusiance to road tax paying motorists.

The busses are too expensive and unreliable and the old and disabled cannot cycle!

Its just another DBC publicity spin to make them look good when was the last time anyone saw our host cycling?

miketually said...

Tree Hugger,

I know of at least one disabled person in Darlington who cannot drive but can get places by trike. What about the young who could be using bikes to gain some independence?

You car costs you about 50p a mile to drive, plus a pound an hour to park it. Makes the bus look cheap, doesn't it?

I couldn't afford to run a second car to get to work, plus that would either require my employer to shell out for a parking space for me or for me to pay for parking and I'd be adding to congestion on the roads, slowing down those who do need a vehicle for their jobs.

On average, everyone who switches from a car to a bike as their main source of transport, saves the government £400 a year in health, transport, etc. spending...

As for when I last saw Cllr Wallis ride a bike, it was Sunday October 19th, last year when we rode to Stockton.

Darlington Councillor said...

...and excitingly, I'm planning to go out cycling again with my wife on Sunday evening to Middleton St George.

This should become a regular trip!

D. Lyonette said...

Mike, where do you get your figures from 50p a mile to drive and a pound to park, I agree some cars use more petrol than others but even a 7.2 litre Hummer does not cost 50p a mile as for parking costs look no further than our very own greedy DBC plenty of local towns can allow their residents free parking, Northallerton, Billingham, Middlesborough etc. so parking is definately a DBC greed factor not a motoring factor god help us if they are granted the parking (cash raising) powers they so covert.

Someone who switches saves the Gov approx £400 a year you say, sacking a few MP's would save them £100'sK a week.

I am glad to see you have a disabled friend who can cycle. I would imagine the present Gov. would be looking to reclasify anyone taking light excercise for a disability as fit for work and throw them off benefit. Where do you draw the line between fit and disabled?

Yet we the voter let Alan Milburn spend thousands of pounds to decorate his house when most of us working have to pay for those sort of things from our wages!

I admire your passion for cycling but don't try to ram it down everyones throat. As for Cllr Wallis's weekly cycle to MSG I thought he only lived a few minutes away in his stately home.

miketually said...

D.Lyonette (so much easier if everyone uses a consistent name, by the way...),

The government allows expenses to be claimed at 40p a mile for using a car, so I'd assume the real costs are more than that.

Remember, the financial cost of car ownership goes beyond petrol (which is about 10p a mile) and you've got to include insurance and depreciation and the like.

Dixon of Dock Green said...


Beware going to MSG you may get your bike commandeered by the local bobby's.

Next week you will be OK its Police by skateboard week then police by pit pony, coming soon Police by hitch hiking soon it will be Police by TWOCing...but apparently things are not as bad as they sound!

I read it in the paper so it must be true!

Anonymous said...

Tory Boy said.....

Does Doris know your coming to MSG Nick?

Better seek permission before you enter the village otherwise your bike might be impounded.