Thursday, May 28, 2009

Action not soundbites

Gordon Brown in Meadowell, North Tyneside

At lunchtine I was in the Meadowell Centre in North Shields for a visit by Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

The centre epitomises the very strong community network that exists on North Tyneside. My table included Barnados, 2 local community centres and a pastoral project helping disaffected young people.

Gordon came to every table (with Sarah) to listen to the work that is taking place in the area, and to take on board how national government can support some excellent local projects.

I've heard Gordon speak directly at several events, and today he was easily at his most relaxed and authoritative best. He got a great reception from the floor.

Afterwards for me, it was on to Charltons in Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland to talk to local residents, and then to the St Marys Centre in Middlesbrough for a 2nd hustings session organised by the PCS trade union in advance of the Europena elections. But more of that anon.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the pretence Councillor. Kiss of death to your campaign having Broon come visiting.

Dont you guys realise or want to realise he has wrecked our economy.

More bad news for Darlington on the way. Chrysler going bust this weekend will have major implications for jobs in the town. How you going to explain that one away Councillor?

Anonymous said...

Noticeable you and Broon are only going to those areas where the populus vote Labour without thought or question because their Dads and Mams did and you have looked after them.

You darent go into the Council Taxpaying areas because you are terified of the reception you would get.