Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stockton & Darlington

Norton on Saturday evening, for a function with Stephen and Stockton North's Labour PPC Alex Cunningham.

Alex was a great selection for Stockton North, and his help and those of other SN party members in the European campaign will be invaluable. Still, it felt very close to home, as two of the party faithful were long-standing Darlington FC supporters who had been at the game this afternoon. Commiserations ensued.

Earlier in the day, Stephen and I met with Darlington Labour Party members, before moving on to campaign again in Harrowgate Hill. Now, you wouldn't expect me to divulge canvassing returns, but suffice it to say that if the results from the Bensham Road area of the ward were replicated region-wide, not only would Stephen and Fay be returned, but I'd actually be within a whisker of election myself!

It is the case that a lot of the media froth at the moment is simply that, and Labour's vote is far more durable than the polls imply. It's also true, as both Alan and Stephen attested, however, that the very good response we've had in Harrowgate Hill has owed much to the hard work of local Labour Councillor Mark Burton, who's a real party star. His regular glossy Little Red Rosette is appreciated by local residents whatever their political persuasion, and he has helped lots of people in the ward in the 2 years that he was elected as councillor.

Mark's newsletter won a regional award last year, and he remains one of the Party's most effective communicators. I'll be joining him to camapign for Labour throughout the European campaign.

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