Friday, April 24, 2009

The Short Campaign

Apologies once again for failing to blog recently - well, it's been for well over a month, but then, who's counting... ;)

In truth, as Mike rightly guessed, playing a heavily active role in Labour's North East Euro campaign ahead of polling on May 4th meant that something simply had to give - and that was the blogging. That doesn't mean I've been neglecting my other duties, be they at ward or Cabinet level. My employers will be glad to learn that I've been putting in the hours there too.

In the past few weeks, on the European campaign, I've been travelling up and down the region helping with events. That means you've been spared details of my speech in a very windy Victoria Square in Middlesbrough to 250+ members of Unite and the GMB on the Posting of Workers Directive, or indeed trying not to slip up talking about the finer points of the EU in front of the Foreign Secretary in South Shields.

Today has been as busy as ever - door-knocking with our local MP Alan Milburn and party members in the Mayfair Road area, followed by a street surgery with Helen Goodman in Shildon, and then a dash up the A19 to Easington for a meeting of the CLP together with Stephen Hughes MEP.

The so-called "short campaign" has now begun in earnest.

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