Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Comment Moderation

I'm off to Manchester for a couple of days - until Friday, then, I've turned comment moderation on.


Paul Cain said...

Morning Councillor.

You've gone all quiet again.

The reaction of the media, and my colleagues, here in the US to the story that the Home Secretary had claimed expenses for two porn movies, moved me to write.

The story broke here early on Sunday morning and my American friends haven't stopped laughing since, especially when I told them that Jacqui Smith was an uber-feminist who, in the past has, with a lemon-sucking face that would stop a charging bull in its tracks, condemned pornography as an affront to the sisterhood.

I used to enjoy labeling Ms Smith as Jackboot Jacqui, given her authoritarian tendencies, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine we'd get to call her Jackoff Jacqui.

Oh, joy unbounded!

So come on, tell us, Mr Euro Candidate: what do you think of Ms Smith's position, eh?

Given that her husband also, last year, wrote to his local paper praising her to the skies, without, ahem, mentioning that he WAS her husband and that she paid him 40 grand a year as a researcher, isn't she on (pardon the phrase), something of a sticky wicket?

And, do councillors in Darlington get to claim TV packages along with their internet?

One last question: what's it like to belong to a party that is now a laughing stock, as well as one which inspires such visceral hatred?

Anonymous said...

Are you still with us Councillor Wallis?

Anonymous said...

Where have you gone Nick? You are ever so quiet these days.

Anonymous said...

What's your view on the ballot tampering in London, Jacqui Smith, her expenses and being found out claiming for blue movies and household furnishings, the Damon Green affair, the brutality of the Metropolitan Police and the smearing of the Tories from inside No.10?

It's all been happening whilst you lost the power to blog.

Paul Cain said...


I hope you and your family are OK.

I hope your second protracted silence in just a few months is out of embarrassment at the antics of the Labour Party, rather than something personal.

There's such a lot to talk about, but given your candidacy in the Euro elections in a few weeks, can I just ask:

Was it acceptable for the Labour Party to fabricate lies about the sex lives of David and Samantha Cameron, just weeks after their severely disabled son died?

How would you describe the actions of a party that would do such a thing? How would you react if, God forbid, you were in a similar position to the Camerons (I repeat: God forbid)?

Would you agree that a reasonable description of a party that would do such a thing would be (pardon the language, but outrage is my excuse): vicious, callous bastards?

Will you ever, again, call the Conservative Party 'the nasty party'?

What do you think of the resignation from the Labour Party of Alice Mahon?

Do you expect us to believe that Gordon Brown knew nothing of the activities of Damian McBride, his closest special adviser, and a man who was umbilically attached to the Prime Minister for the past few years?

Are you capable of feeling a sense of shame about what your party is doing? Do you feel ashamed?

You are a candidate in an important election and this is your major forum for public debate.

I'd encourage you to answer my questions, directly and honestly. Please.

Anonymous said...

No reply to Paul, Nick???

Darlington Councillor said...


Thanks for sticking with the blog, despite my failure to reply to your points - this wasn't intended to be disrespectful, but simply a reflection of my very crowded schedule. I would reply to the points above as follows;

(1) Patently, the email suggestions that were sent by McBride to Derek Draper were revolting, and it was entirely right that he resigned immediately. From my perspective, however, it wasn't the Labour Party itself that was considering smearing Cameron and others - it was one sad individual. Thousands of decent people shouldn’t be tarred with a brush because of the antics of one sleazy individual.

(2) It wasn’t me who called the Tories ‘the Nasty Party’ – it was a termed coined by Conservative frontbencher Teresa May. And for reasons I shall return to, yup, they’re still the heartless so-and-so’s they always were.

(3) As for Alice McMahon – well I’m very sorry that she chose to leave the Party, and heap additional problems onto Labour by gifting the Daily Mail et al some easy headlines. She was a long-serving Labour MP, however, and fully entitled to her opinion.

Just to be clear, though – this was a case of a single Downing Street operative running way out of control. Given that the email emanated from the PM’s staff, however, he was completely correct to issue an apology.

What I guess also irks me is that in the minds of the public, Labour has been reduced to being on a par with right-wing attack dogs like Guido Fawkes, if not worse. I’ve not been paying much interest in the blogosphere over the past few weeks, but Guido’s site in particular is a thoroughly unpleasant piece of trash where allegations are made against (mostly Labour) politicians like the PM which if they appeared in print, would make the subject of an instant lawsuit.

Defending politicians at the moment isn’t easy (and let’s be clear – Westminster politicians of all hues have made that the case with the nonsense over expenses just the latest in a series of errors) but no-one deserves to be scatologically ridiculed the way Gordon is via the anonymous comments on Guido’s site.

So yes, it makes my blood boil that Damian McBride and Derek Draper were so stupid as to make him look like the good guy. That’s just a perversion of the reality

Anonymous said...

Cllr. Wallis

It would appear that some people can't, won't or don't learn from the mistakes of others.

The recent lessons learned from the "Labourgate" scandal regarding scurrilous e-mail's has, it appears not been learnt out in the sticks.

I am of course referring to the rumours of an alleged "Hurworthgate" scandal being kept quiet.

At present these are only rumours some of us have heard, but equally distressing if true at any level of local Government.

I am sure one of your regular contributors will soon put this record straight.

Anonymous said...

Hurworthgate. What's this about then? Spill the beans.

Anonymous said...

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