Sunday, March 01, 2009

All Change at the Civic Amenity Site

Tackling overflowing bins - which help to create litter - is one of Wades priorities.

Of course, the day-job(s) continue, and on Friday I met with Wades and an officer at the Civic Amenity Site (CAS) on Whessoe Road. I'm still learning not to call it "the tip".

As part of their contract with DBC, Wades are taking over the management of the site from Premier in April. They have impressive plans to improve the service offered to residents.

Wades have bought the next-door parcel of land, on which they intend to build a waste facility for commercial users - so no longer will businesses have to make the journey up to Aycliffe to dispose of their rubbish.

Otherwise, Bruce Whitley and his team have come up with a raft of improvements for the facility for residents: - instead of sorting through the waste in the bins, staff will be dedicated to helping residents who have come to drop off waste, and also keeping the site clean and tidy. Signage will be improved; the site wil be reconfigured to make it easier to separate recycling materials into their relevant groups; and there will be better facilities for wood recycling.

It will represent a step change in the service provided, and will provide a further boost to the Borough's recycling drive. More information as it becomes available.

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Fly Tiper said...

For all those of you who are confused the "Civic Amenity Site" is what we all call the TIP.

Why all these long winded, high falooting names I don't know ....

It's the Whesso Road TIP.

What next....

Durham Tees Vally Waste recycling and Household Refuse Disposal Facility, Try TIP