Saturday, February 21, 2009


Flytipping in the cut between Salters Close and Wren Avenue.

First thing on Wednesday morning, Andy Scott and I joined DBC Housing and StreetScene staff as we toured Haughton West identifying areas for action.

It was a thoroughly useful session - some of the problems (like the rutted corners of the green in Salters Close) are long-running, which we've been trying to get sorted for years.

Travelling round on a wet February morning, ponding was especially apparent, and one resident stopped us to point out the flooding to the north of Sparrowhall Drive. This was a complaint that Andy is already dealing with, and there are similar longstanding problems on Rockwell Pastures.

Otherwise, we identified the need for StreetScene litterpicks in Ajax Street, Bamburgh Place, Belford Gardens, Lyonette Road, behind the garages in Hutton Avenue, Salters Close, and the Wren Avenue/Lyonette Road and Lyonette Road/Whinfield Road Cuts. In addition there was grafitti on the wall at Danby Court where it borders Martindale Road, and a carpet dumped in the lane between Ajax and Hercules Streets.

It was good, however, to see how local improvement schemes have dealt with previous troublespots - like the garage block behind the shops in Nightingale Avenue, now well-lit and resurfaced. Local action really can produce results.

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