Saturday, February 21, 2009


Sedgefield MP Phil Wilson with the the team in Trimdon

I haven't had a chance to blog about the European campaign since Christmas, but work is well under way by Labour across the North East. I'm concentrating my work in the southern Durham and Tees Valley area - in the last few weeks I've been out with MPs Ashok Kumar in Hemlington, Dari Taylor in Bishopsgarth and yesterday (for the second time) Phil Wilson in Trimdon.

Yesterday was one of those days which makes you say "polls, schmolls". Virtually every house we called at had long-standing Labour supporters who were slightly surprised we were even asking how they'd be voting at the European elections.

Canvassing with Dari was a similarly positive experience. Given the national news background, I'd been expecting doom and gloom from residents - whilst there was a little of that, I found that people have really tried to understand the economic situation - they've had to, as their jobs, and those of friends and family could be at risk. Consequently, there was none of this "recession made in Downing Street" nonsense peddled by the Tories - residents understand that this is an international and not a purely GB situation, and the toxic role played by the bankers too.

So in what is apparently a LibDem ward, we got some really good feedback, and I even managed to recruit a new member! Today I'm off to Hartlepool, as the party there spearheads its Mayoral and European campaign ahead of June 4th.


BNP Volunteer said...

You mean that you are saying The British government has no control or influence over what is happening in its own country????
Repeat a lie often enough Nick eh!!

By the way you certainly are doing the right thing in campaigning in your heartlands like Trimdon trying to shore up your vote.

We have identified where you are most vulnerable and we will also be campaigning in your stronger wards. Skerne Park, Eastbourne and Red Hall will be our top priorities for the coming Euro elections.

Darlington Councillor said...

All this blather from the BNP about targetting key wards in Darlington would be very impressive, Trevor, if it weren't for the fact that we all know, via last year's leak, how pathetically small the BNP's membership in the town actually is.

Like all small parties, you tend to outperform in by-elections, where you can concentrate your resources from across the North East. A region-wide poll is a very different matter.

Forgive me, but I'm going to wait and see exactly what this "campaigning" actually looks like on the ground!

Hurworth Place resident said...

Good old Phil Wilson I haven't seen him since his photo shoot outside Croft Post Office promising to fight to keep it open.

Then only to vote later in the house to close the smaller Post Office.

I personally would be taking Phil's word with a pinch of salt as he does say one thing and do another!

BNP Volunteer said...

Pathetically small membership?
The stolen list proves nothing.
Any local anti Fash would recognise several known people missing from the list. People who will join a year miss a year, but who can always be depended on to give a donation, help leaflet or whatever. One ommision from the list which suprised me was a former Tory Councillor who has been a member for years but wasn't on the list. Didn't pay his subs last year but is a member again this. He is only one example of many similar.

Don't forget Moonface we have a former Labour party Secretary in our membership (and also a sympathetic ex- Labour Councillor who now has no time for New Labour, I'm sure you know who I mean). Our Ex Labour secretary tells us that in town Labour had 10groups only a few years ago and that this is now down to 4. Meetings for the North End being held in Vaseys back room with John locked into the kitchen by all accounts.

I would also challenge your "wisdom" on where the BNP does better. The fact is that we don't do better in by elections. Do your homework and you will see the complete opposite is true.

You also seem convinced that BNP Volunteer is a fascist named "Trevor".
You need a new list because he is not a BNP member and holds no position in the BNP at all.

Go on clever clogs tell me which three people are the Darlington BNP Organiser, Treasurer and Secretary?

Drink Spiker said...

BNP Volunteer

Do you mean the "Viagra Vasey's" kitchen the same Vasey's who's daughter Emma another pillar of Nu Labour resigned before she was pushed and the issue of drink spiking disabled people that was so quietly hushed up after the alleged drugging of a disabled person's Tea at her place of work.

My lord that was kept very quiet even by their pet press puppet, Peter Baron did not dare to print that one lest he be ousted from some or all of the quango's he sits on (and prob gets paid for).

If that had been anyone else the Northern Echo would of had it on the front page photos and all, with the culprit behind bars now.

Not their darling Emma who got DBC's full support and all knowledge of it was mysteriously lost.

Answer that one Nick?

Just where did darling Emma go and why?