Thursday, February 19, 2009

Northern Decision Makers - Debating the Credit Crunch

The latest edition of Northern Decision Makers is now online. It features an interview with Ashok Kumar, the Labour MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, and Kevin Rowan, the Head of the TUC here in the North East.

It was a feisty session, with Ashok in particular giving as good as he got. You can see the show here.


BNP Volunteer said...

Better shelve the talk about Credit crunch (is that a breakfast cereal???) and start discussing the BNP instead because we have butt-fucked you in every election we came up against you tonight, including taking your strongest seat in Kent off you.

BNP Volunteer said...

P.S. Good morning!!!!

Ali Hardwick said...

This is the second by-election the bnp have won in 4 years so it's easy to see why Trevor is excited (though I do not think his euphoria is any excuse for his offensive language). The fascists managed to scrape 9% in Harrogate last night; they came fourth in Lewisham and third in Leicestershire. At this rate it may well be another two years before Trev gets so excited again.

BTW Trev, is your wife standing in the Euros in June? Or has the bnp gone for more respectable candidates like the Walker brothers?

Ali Hardwick said...

Which tells you how well Labour did.
2.3% in Harrogate was scored by the party of Government.
The Fascists scored several multiples of that at a respectable first time out.

Very Worried said...

Ask Geert Wilders why the BNP are doing so well anyone seen Fitna which is made entirely of all actual footage. You will soon see why the BNP is rising in popularity, it can be viewed from the link at the bottom...

When caught for acts of terrorism not only should those found to be guilty be deported if not nationals also ALL immediate family members and none of this compo rubish, if they are indigenous to the UK stop all benefits. I have no trouble with multiculturism but these extremists must be stopped and certainly not allowed to protest such hatred in public while being escorted by the British Police.

One rule for one and a different set for others because the PC brigade don't want to upset ethnic minority's, well soon they will be the ethnic MAJORITY and us law abiding Brit's the minority in our own country and what then of their Jihad?

jihad said...

Freedom of speech these days does seem to be a one way street, with everyone bending over backwards not to offend the Muslims, despite the fact they hate us and blow us up.
I can't think why anyone would come here when apparently they hate it and us so much.
I certainly would not go somewhere to live I hated....unless of course it had a soft touch benefit system.
But hey thats just me being sceptical...or is it?