Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Date for your diaries

January 09 already starting to fill up? If you can, do come along on 27th January to the Arts Centre at 1pm, where Holocaust Memorial Day will be marked in the Borough.

Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) commemorates the tragic loss of life in the genocides of World War II, in Cambodia, Bosnia, Rwanda and Darfur. HMD is held on 27th January, the anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camp at Auschwitz-Berkenau.

The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust (HMDT) exists so that we learn the lessons of the past to build a better future now. You can see their website here.

On the front page this month is a piece on Kristallnacht, which took place in Nazi Germany over a two-day period in November 70 years ago. The translations of eye-witness accounts are chilling, and an important reminder as to where the politics of race hate lead.

Fittingly, the theme of this year's ceremony will be "Stand up to Hatred".


BNP Volunteer said...

I bet my last quid that the whole purpose of this stunt will be an exercise in opposing the British National Party.
Using the deaths & suffering of so many people for political gain is disrespectful and disgusting.

You need to be consistant in your principles of standing up against the politics of hate. Lets be honest the Left side of the political sphere which you are aligned with - Socialism, is responsible for SIXTY MILLION deaths. Ten times the amount killed by the Nazis. Will you be adjusting this particular blog entry to honour these people who suffered and died at the hands of those motivated by class hatred?

What about Zimbabwe. The New Labour government - your party, sat on their hands and remained mute when it was announced in 2000 that the last remaining white families in that once great country would start to be exterminated from Easter Sunday.
Will you be lighting a candle for the whites of the former Rhodesia who have been murdered, tortured, raped and dispossesed there under a socialist government because of their race? The Police in Zimbabwe similar to the police in the UK under fellow socialists Labour do nothing to protect these people and are used to attack political opponents.

What about the holocaust and suffering which has been taking place in Palastine for years - again torture, family dwellings bulldozed, etc... I see no mention of that in your schpeil either.

As for the politics of hate. I seem to remember a little man called wallis just a couple of weeks ago gloating about a list of BNP members names and addresses with a deliberately menacing sounding headline saying that you had a little list and redirecting people to a site which displayed said list.

By your actions you were yourself party to intimidation of political opponents. One house in Harrow of a BNP member had its window put through by a brick. You might find this amusing but many won't. There could have been a little baby or child behind that window. Apart from that the BNP member had moved out months before and the house is now occupied by blacks.

Apart from the Deliberate attempt to intimidate BNP members by the use and circulation of our 2007 membership list in your circles, other examples of dodgy New Labour political operations recently which resemble an intollerant, totalitarian regime include the raiding of Damien Greens property and his arrest by several anti terrorist stormtroopers and the arrest of 13 people giving out perfectly legal literature asking that white victims of racist crimes get treat with the same significance as black victims.

In a bizzare turnaround it is now the far right who are the freedom fighters with the socialists stepping into the intolerant shoes of the Nazis.

I think that you are just a bandwaggon jumper Nick who needs to put his own house in order before criticising others.
Only a few months ago your bandwagon was sport, sport, sport while the olympics was on. I have not seen you enthuse about anything which requires vigorous excercise since!!!

Anonymous said...

Darlington Councillor said...

Trevor - you can't spell 'intolerant', but I almost admire the careful way you've used the word 'schpiel' to somehow link me with the Judaism you despise.

Holocaust Memorial Day isn't some vast conspiracy against the BNP - it's a valiant attempt by good people of all faiths and nationalities to recognise that there have been some atrocities in human history that have transcended wickedness as they had their roots in race hate.

Ever since the WWII Holocaust came to light, as a society we have recognised this. I was brought up in a household with very few books (but loads of National Geographic magazines) but one book my parents did have was a contemporary account from the German camps published after the war. I remember the horror I felt when I saw the black and white pictures inside for the first time. It almost transcended belief.

So I don't downplay the many other instances of man's inhumanity to man across the ages - I'm a student of history, and know the terrible things that we have done to each other, whether in the name of nationality or religion or class.

But I think the BNP's sickening attempts to minimise the WWII Holocaust tells us all we need to know about your party, Trevor. Your party's credo is still very much set in the 1930's and 40's, and draws its inspiration from the Nazi era, blaming minority groups for society's wider ills, and then persecuting them remorselessly.

So on January 26th, I will be thinking not only about Germany in the Nazi period, but instances like Rwanda and Bosnia too. And I'll rejoice that the vast majority of the people in this country are good, decent people who know that stigmatising minorities who happen to look or talk differently to us is a path that leads to moral and political destruction.

ali hardwick said...

Well said, Nick.

Top tip, Trevor: don't post in the early hours clearly under the influence of "whatever gets you through the night." It makes you sound less stable than you are. It also leads to errors. The correct url is

BNP Volunteer said...

Another thing which you might find trancends belief is the atrocities carried out by the Socialist Cheka (Mainly Jewish too) But that is by the by)).
You might look on in horror at some of their tricks such as skinning people alive.

What about the socialists of the USSR who slaughtered thousands of Poles and tried to blame the German NSDAP/AO for it?
Their chutzpah was betrayed when the mass graves were excavated and the rounds found lodged in the bodies of the Poles were identified as Russian in origin.

What about the Ukrainians?

Why don't you speak out against these killings Nick? Do you find some mass genocides worse than others?
Please do the decent thing and revise your blog to remember the millions who perished under socialism, otherwise it would seem that you don't care about these people.

Your party is closely linked to these Soviet Socialists.
Harold Wilson was heavily suspected of being on the USSR payroll, Union boss Len Murray was photographed with a KGB agent who he had invited to a TUC conference in the 1970's.

Darlington socialist Comrade Temple regularly visited the USSR at their expense and many New Labour high ranking MPs were former members of the Communist Party. How could they join such an organisation when the atrocities of the socialists were so well known?

How about Holocausts nearer to home that have been covered up under a New Labour government?
Haute de le Garin on Jersey was a place were children were abused and murdered.

It has been alleged that Jersey is an island dominated by the freemasons including the top Police who were until recently always from Jersey.
When kiddies complained it always fell on deaf ears because it is said that many of the child abusers were also masons. There was also a fear that if what happened ever came to light, Jerseys trade in family holidays would be badly hit.

When Jersey got its first outsider as a top copper the complaints were taken seriously. It was predicted that when he retired that the whole thing would be covered up again.
Guess what??? It has been.

It wasn't a skull it was a coconut!
It wasn't bones of children it was bones of animals!!
They weren't torture chambers it was underfloor space!!!

Apart from the fact that forensics should be able to differenciate between a coconut and bone and likewise the shape of human bones as compared to animal and also the haunting graffiti that was pictured in the torture chambers/underfloor space. The accounts of several people also took the investigation to the Torture chambers/underground space in the first place.

The above is a modern day British holocaust which has been hushed up.
Will you be remembering and promoting the suffering and exterminated of Haute de la Garin in January?

As for despising Judaism. What evidence do you have of that? I had a very good Jewish friend with the un Jewish name of Alan Stevens, I also have a very good Jewish friend who worked at Darlington Town Hall and was on the e-mail list of Alan Dockerty.
During the 2003 local elections I was given advance notice of every anti BNP action planned including the rough time Mr Dockerty would be on Longfield Road for leafletting.

Darlington BNP also stood a candidate in 2007 with Jewish heritage.

As for the beliefs of Judaism, I have no emotions for them one way or the other. It is untrue to say that I despise Judaism at all.

Anonymous said...

Just curious if the Arts centre will still be there in Jan or will DBC of sold it off by then?

Perhaps this is its last event before the cash register starts to ching ching!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Nick, a BNP nut case claiming there is no race hate in the Nutzies, and then claiming the CHEKA was "Jewish".

As Trevour seems to be well known in the north east perhaps he could comment on this -

No wonder from Murmansk to Cape Town the BNP is known by ordinary decent folks as the British Nonces Party !

Darlington Councillor said...

Hmmm. It's worth looking at the whole section on the Lancaster UAF site, which also makes a link with the recent allegations against Shildon BNP teacher Mark Walker.

I'm not sure that there is anything inherent within far right doctrine that predisposes members to prefer paedophilia - to go down that line lends credence to the BNP's own spurious rubbish that somehow members of the mainstream parties are so inclined.

It's a very different story regarding race hate crimes and general acts of violence and aggression. These are central to the fascist world view. Of course, Trevor would pass that off as merely young men's high jinks....

(By the way, the Council is a million miles from concluding anything as far as the rear of the Arts Centre is concerned, so I'm sure everything will be in place in January 09!)

Cossack Volunteer said...

Sorry I spent what wrongly Moonface? - intolerant?

Well thats the second time you've picked up on a spelling mistake of mine and for the second time I'm going to upstage you with an even worse one of yours - Try learning how to spell Auschwitz-Birkenau tit, especially as it is the main topic of this blog entry.

Apart from the odd typo my spelling is pretty damn hot so I'm not fazed by your jibe. However through your sneering you have shown that you hold people who cannot spell in contempt and have a dislike for them because of their handicap. Not very nice that Nick is it? I wonder how your views make dyslexic people feel?

As for the astonished disbelief of anonymous that someone could even mention that the Cheka was significantly Jewish in its composition try having a look around the internet. It is claimed that in the Ukraine the Cheka was 75% Jewish. There are other similar statistics. It is not anti semitic to highlight this fact just as it is not anti Quaker to point out that most Peases in Darlington were from the Society of Friends, it is simply an irrefutable fact.

Here is what the Cheka did for an encore. Lovely people eh? I wonder why their victims won't be getting a mention on Holocaust day.

The Cheka is reported to have practiced torture. Victims were reportedly skinned alive, scalped, "crowned" with barbed wire, impaled, crucified, hanged, stoned to death, tied to planks and pushed slowly into furnaces or tanks of boiling water, and rolled around naked in internally nail-studded barrels. Chekists reportedly poured water on naked prisoners in the winter-bound streets until they became living ice statues. Others reportedly beheaded their victims by twisting their necks until their heads could be torn off. The Chinese Cheka detachments stationed in Kiev reportedly would attach an iron tube to the torso of a bound victim and insert a rat into the other end which was then closed off with wire netting. The tube was then held over a flame until the rat began gnawing through the victim's guts in an effort to escape. Denikin’s investigation discovered corpses whose lungs, throats, and mouths had been packed with earth.

Women and children were also victims of Cheka terror. Women would sometimes be tortured and raped before being shot. Children between the ages of 8 and 16 were imprisoned and occasionally executed

You see that is the big mistake that the Holocaust industry makes, it singles out certain "sexy" genocides. It is like these people who thank people in after dinner speeches. They nearly always forget to mention somebody and cause offence. In this case it is the victims of Socialism around the World. So I think that you must not ignore all the millions who died and were tortured under Socialism and stand up on the behalf of these people.

I will not forget these people and will be remembering them as well as all those who were killed by the Nazis and the other millions savaged in the numerous African conflicts. I hope that you and other socialists have it in you to respect these people who were murdered or were tortured in the name of socialism and stand up to speak out against the evils of socialism that they suffered under as well as those who suffered under Nazism. All deserve equal respect and remembrance, otherwise it just devalues the whole worthy event as a politically correct, trendy bandwagon for people insincere to genocide in general to jump on just to try and make themselves appear saintly.

Please Nick use your influencial position to raise awareness of the cruelty people suffered under socialism and get them equal status.

Anonymous said...