Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The World at your Feet

A quick plug for the return of International Day celebrations here in Darlington this Sunday.

Organised by Darlington Communities, this is a free and friendly day for people to enjoy and learn about different cultures. There will be drumming, hair braiding, arts & crafts from our Polish and Asian communities, traditional British crafts, storytelling, dancing, singing workshops, a Bangra band, Thai, Chinese and Bollywood dancers and food from around the world.

Everyone is welcome to this FREE event on Sunday 16th November 1 - 8pm at the Forum Music Centre, Borough Road. For further information please contact Joanne Scott on 388457 or norman Maltby on 358794.


BNP Volunteer said...

Sounds like a pile of shite.

ali hardwick said...

Not the type of event to hold any attraction to backward scum such as yourself, Trevor.

Now, remind me why Mark Walker was sacked...