Sunday, November 02, 2008

Welly Washing

After all the recent rain, South Park was a sea of mud. Fortunately, we'd taken our wellies, and afterwards plodded back to the car, which I'd parked in Abbots Yard.

En route, a communal event was taking place on High Row, as anyone who had been in South Park and was wearing wellingtons washed them off in the water feature.

We splashed around too, and had great fun. Another service provided courtesy of your thoughtful Labour Council!


Anonymous said...

At least costing £142K it has come in for some good, lets hope the filters aren't clogged with mud.

The worlds most expensive welly washer!

Anonymous said...

Did you know that the water feature has just been cleaned at great expence once again.This was following a letter to hear all sides which brought it to the notice of the council.Do none of the cabinet or councilloors ever walk through the town centre? maybe to get a bus.ohhhhhhh no they wouldnt know how to begin that journey.
However a lot of us poor citizens noticed that the last time the watery steps were cleaned it was by a team of people with their vehicles and equipment brought from a KENT company.How unenvironmentally friendly is that,and how cost effective?Who is going to do the F of I request on that then? and then Wallis clogged it up again and laughed all the way to the bank