Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Waay-Haaay!! - The Great Tory Give-Away Continues

I've commented before on Darlington Tories' urge to promise big spending increases without having the faintest idea where the money's going to come from.

And today I read in the Northern Echo that local Tory bigwig Charles Johnson wants the Council to promise free swimming to all under 16's on the back of a national government initiative.

As you might expect, the Cabinet looked very carefully at the proposal, which would have provided money for a strictly limited period of 2 years. Whilst the scheme might work elsewhere, in Darlington it would add £175,000 to the Council Tax bill in each of those 2 years. And after that - well who knows. Presumably Charles is comfortable with the Council picking up the whole tab (£225,000 a year) then.

Of course everyone agrees that providing this service would be great for children and young people, but to propose it with out having the faintest idea where the money is coming from in the longer term is simply reckless.

Instead the Council will be working with the local PCT to prioritise spending for activities which young people themselves are asking for. Affordable and responsible. It's a shame the Tories can't say the same.


Anonymous said...

and the Labour Council is a model of financial restraint. Pedestrian Heart and ETC overspends and now demolshing a theatre at the Arts Centre which was recently built at a cost to the taxpayers of £300,000. I rest my case.

Chris Close said...

I agree with this post.

Darlington Council is in financial melt down.

I also think the self delusion, displayed by describing Charles Johnson as 'local Tory bigwig' describes how out of touch Councillor Wallis is with reality!

To quote Bob Dylan, "The Times they are a changin'" and not too soon either.

Selling off bits of the Arts Centre demonstrates how much in
the 'Clarts' Darlington actually is............

Morally and now financially Bankrupt.

DBC - RIP 2008