Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Sun Says...

Whilst waiting at the barber's this morning (not, as you will have guessed, for myself) I flicked idly through The Sun, and found this excoriating leader column.

TORY George Osborne attacks Gordon Brown’s plan to borrow money for a spending spree to lead us out of recession.

He says future generations will be saddled with higher taxes to pay for it. True. But what is the Shadow Chancellor’s alternative?

He wants lower interest rates. So do we all.

He talks vaguely of taxes being cut when things look up.

But where is the detail?

Since the financial crisis broke, the Conservatives have looked uncertain.

One of Britain’s biggest problems is wasteful public spending.

Until we get it down we have no hope of serious tax cuts.

What expensive projects would Mr Osborne axe? Which pointless government departments and cosy quangos would he close?

How would he keep the wheels turning as the slump drags down families and businesses?

The Tory poll lead is slipping because voters don’t think Mr Osborne knows better than Mr Brown how to steer us off the rocks.

This crisis gave the Tories a golden chance to seize the initiative.

But so far, they have let Labour make all the running.

Whew! - powerful stuff, and from a newspaper and proprietor that Cameron thought was in the bag as far as the next General Election was concerned. Although I don't agree with all of The Sun's analysis, they are spot on as far as the inexperience and dither which has to date characterised the Tories' response to the global economic crisis.

To suggest slashing borrowing at the outset of the recession, as George Osbourne did recently, would lead us inevitably into the slump that the Labour Government is working so hard to avoid. Osbourne's clearly learnt nothing from the lessons of the 1930's and is offering a very dangerous prescription for the country's future.

With all the polls showing the Tories' lead over Labour now down to single figures, the bets are well and truly off as far as the next General Election are concerned. Something to wipe the smug smirk off the faces of Messrs. Cameron and Osbourne this weekend.

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