Friday, November 14, 2008

Small earthquake in North Road...

Congratulations to Ann Marie Curry, who as expected won the North Road seat, vacated by Steve Jones' disqualification, for the LibDems yesterday.

The final result was;

CURRY (LibDem) 561 (51%)
VASEY (Labour) 262 (24%)
JENKINSON (Tory) 115 (10%)
HOODLESS (BNP) 106 (9.5%)
JONES (Independent) 60 (5.5%)

Commiserations to John Vasey, who would have made an excellent local councillor for the ward. I'm sure his time will come again.

Last night's result was remarkably similar to the 2007 election, when the votes are aggregated to take account of parties which did not stand a full slate. The outcome then was;

LibDem 55%
Labour 23%
Tories 12%
BNP 10%

So the LibDems actually lost ground, and Labour was the only party to increase its share of the vote. Thinking about the wider battle between Labour and the Tories ahead of the General Election, it's also significant that Labour polled more than double the number of votes of the Conservative candidate.

And that tootling noise you can hear? Well, that's the sound of the LibDems merrily blowing their own trumpets. Regular readers of this blog will know that LibDems collectively have many faults. Plainly excessive humility is not amongst them...


Anonymous said...

Alan Macnab writes....

Do I detect a tiny hint of anxiety in your blog Nick?

What are the "many faults" of the Liberal Democrats which you refer to?

Anonymous said...

Faults.? the ones everyone always says about the liberal democrats have been shown by the local group in the past few weeks. Mister"Ludicrous" etc showed that The first is certainly not being very liberal!and the second -- you have guest it -not very democratic!

Bet they're happy bout keeping those kids off school now and the expences of the election that the town has to pay wont get another mention- so the third ----is hypocracy!not surprisingly. want a 4th 5th 6th - arrogant, devious and deeply deluded 7th 8th 9th - i'll let others continue-

BNP Volunteer said...

Comparisons with last years election is slightly skewed because there was second and third preference votes to be used.
But what on earth has been happening on North Road??
I was expecting from the lethargic response that we were getting that we would only get around the 5% mark (less than last year because of the reasons mentioned above)

As it happened we scored almost 10% which was a pleasant suprise. We also came within spitting distance of the Tories (9 votes) to take third place. In addition we scored almost twice what the sitting councillor recieved.
I am firmly starting to believe that there is no such thing as bad publicity after the headline about the BNP teacher appeared on the front page of the Echo on the morning of the poll.

On an organisational side we recieved 11 enquiries from our leaflets. Some of these have become good activists already, which is another bonus as North Road is one of our worst wards. For those who are savy with elections you will have noticed that we had to go "on the knocker" to get some signitures. This will not be a problem for us when we stand here next in 2011.
If this intake of enquiries was repeated in every Darlington ward then it would amount to 220 new BNP enquiries in Darlington.

Looking at the New Labour vote, it has fallen dramatically each time North Road is contested.
Taking the results from 2003 onwards from when North Road first became 3 seats by taking in parts of the Labour wards of Northgate North and Harrowgate Hill and took 1 of the 3 seats up for grabs.

I will use the Highest votes gained each time.
2003 - 818
2004 - 571
2007 - 401
2008 - 262

It is clear that New Labour is in meltdown in North Road no matter how you try to spin it.
BNP progress has been
2003 - 7.20%
2004 - 5.37% (fell back because of no 2nd & 3rd preference votes)
2007 - 10.6%
2008 - 9.6% (about twice the score of the 2004 result which was also 1 vote only)

I think last nights result spells the end of the political careers of both John Vasey and Steven Jones. Although I am no friend of his choice of political party I think that John Vasey is an alright kind of guy who can both give and take banter and not hold grudges. Steve Jones was also a pleasant guy who has done loads of good work in his time as a councillor.

It has not all been the Lib Dems way last night though.
There was also a by-election in Boston, Lincolnshire.
And the BNP won it hands down!!!
A Lincolnshire BNP volunteer reports - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

BNP 279
BBI 141
Tory 119
Labour 69

Lib dems going round with a loud speaker telling voters we will help you all no matter what colour creed or race. A dig at us but the dig back from the voters was far better.
Lib Dem finishing with even less votes than UKIP!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Convincing holidays now for Lib Dems in north road - Mr Ludicrous last post on 13th blowing own trumpet then going off duty--probs worn out due to empty promises. No lib dems seen in north road ward either since the election. starting in the way they mean to continue is guarenteed. liberal amounts of free time for them on their happy hols.

ian said...

oh nick, i know this is party politics, but to suggest that this was a poor result for the lib-dems is stretching thing a bit too far.

That labour achieved less than half the votes of the winning party in that ward should be very worrying for you. That the tories got just 10% is frankly astonishing given the current climate.

miketually said...

106 votes for the BNP is pretty good, considering they have 23 members living in Darlington, most of them don't live in the ward and one is too young to vote.

Anonymous said...

I too have the full BNP 2007 Membership list. I makes fascinating reading. As Mike says 23 members living in Darlington (usual suspects)
There is also an Ambulance driver listed (really scary)not from Darlington, I may add.The hobbies make good bedside reading and their personal e-mail addresses are included.
And someone whose e-mail address is
Charming aren't they.
I can post the list or web link for all to see if you want me too Nick. Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

12,215 Names.

Close to 100 serving soldiers are on the list as are Two Scottish Premiership footballers.
Blows Rangers Anti Sectarian drives out of the water!!!

HA Ha Ha youv'e got whats coming you -------