Sunday, November 02, 2008

Ooooh! Aaaah!!

Darlington Fireworks Display 2008 Pt. 1

Darlington Fireworks Display 2008 Pt. 2

Tens of thousands of people were the audience in South Park last night for the annual Fireworks Display.

Creating the annual event was one of Labour's first initiatives when we came to office back in 1991 - it's been a huge success, and has spared parents like me the danger of having to purchase our own fireworks, at the risk of incurring a burn (or worse). It's probably the one event every year which brings the Borough together as we all stamp our feet, try and avoid the light sabre sellers, and watch the show with the kids.

I thought the display last night was one of the best I could remember - as they exploded, lots of the fireworks made interesting patterns across the sky in concentric circles or even red hearts.

It was a perfect evening for the display, with no rain, a breath of wind and clear skies. So do choreographed firework displays and mobile phone video recorders go together? I'll let you be the judge....

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Paul Cain, New York said...

Certainly is one of the things Labour got right. Not many others mind, but credit where it's due.

I've missed it for the last five years, living abroad.

Used to be one of the highlights of the second part of the year - a proper night out with the family, and all free.

Makes you as homesick as hell, this. wish I could have been there.