Wednesday, November 12, 2008

North Road News

"Don't worry Cap'n - I have a cunning plan!"

The North Road by-election ends tomorrow - any kind of debate between the parties has been drowned out by the usual LibDem Sturm und Drang. Frankly, this number of leaflets from one party brings the whole process into disprepute. Still, we'll see the result on Thursday night.

The by-election has been considerably enlivened, however, by the entry of Darlington's newest double act - local taxi driver and Conservative candidate George Jenkinson, and this blog's old friend Captain LeGrand, the town's Tory PPC.

I don't think we've seen the like since Baldrick teamed up with Hugh Laurie's Lieutenant The Honourable George Colthurst St. Barleigh in Blackadder Goes Forth, to teach the bally Hun a lesson!

Alas, Captain Legard has been seen wandering the streets of North Road alone in his quest to drum up support for his trusty retainer. This never looks good, but it mirrors a report I was given from a couple of months back, where Legard was working the High Row with only his son for company.

A touching family scene, perhaps, but hardly a picture of a local Tory party united behind its PPC.


BNP Volunteer said...

He must have been lonely doing all that on his own.

We had a firm out 12 deep on Monday night.
We covered the whole of the ward Blitzkrieg style with our propaganda and were done in no time. We were in the pub for half eight.
I wonder how long it took the solo Tory guy.
Today we had a Speaker van storm into the ward to stir up support for our candidate in this weeks BNP onslaught.

Mr Lee Vaseys letter today was a bit of all fuse no bang.
He told someone that he was taking wednesday and thursday off to treat the people of the ward with an all singing all dancing glossy leaflet in concord with a bit of canvassing which would cause an upsurge in support for him and sweep him back into power.

However the offering today was nothing to get a bonk on over!!!

BNP Volunteer said...

And on the subject of Lib Dem leaflets. It might have been better if all of their leaflets said something different, but it was the same pictures each time of AMC posing for action shots in the ward, pointing to holes in the road and talking to other Lib Dems (some pretending to be local residents). Notice they didn't put out the two horse race leaflet.

I do think AMC will walk this one and good luck to her. I think she is a really pleasant person and the Lib Dems leaflets have succesfully promoted her as a busy body who will work tirelessly for the ward.
An overwhelming number of voters that I spoke to liked AMC and were voting for her.
Arise Councillor Curry.

Anonymous said...

If you think three leaflets, proceeded by our usual bi-monthly Focus, is overdoing it, wait until we've got some real competition!
Sour grapes, methinks, from a party which couldn't muster enough helpers to match our commitment and enthusiasm.

Anonymous said...

Leaflets, promises they dont ever have a hope of keeping as they dont ever know how the counil works ( until anyone gets in there and realise its all rigged to the ruling party winning - not the town), proaganda admitted to, what time, money and effort you all use in your animal games. you seem to think its all funny. The public know different.

The people who live in darlo and vote dont ever read such drivel, dont trust that councillors are there for the good of the world and know that this childish fight among the parties will continue at the expence of the council, goverment and the world.Educated professional are not.

shut up and get on with a better job all of you... you seem to be worse that animals & are just on the way to insanity ...but not slowly..

BNP Volunteer said...

Interesting to see that New Labour didn't have any tellers at all on the polling stations.
I think this tells us that New Labour know that this result is a foregone conclusion.

NL will probably get their usual baseline lumpen prolitariat and pensioner vote out to secure 2nd place for them, but it will be interesting to see who takes 3rd,
4th & 5th places.

ali hardwick said...

Trevor, will Mark Walker be attending the count this evening?