Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I have a little list

Thanks to my friends at TWAFA (Tyne & Wear Anti-Fascist Action) for alerting me last night to the astonishing news that the BNP's entire membership list has been posted online, perhaps by a disgruntled ex-member.

Four of you have also helpfully commented on this via the previous "Small earthquake in North Road" post. It would seem there are 28 BNP members who give Darlington as part of their postal address, although this includes one poor 16 year old, who I'm sure now he wishes he'd given the racists a very wide berth when they knocked on his door.

One of you has also offered to post the names of the Darlington BNP members online via the comments section, and I have considered whether to do this within this post.

On balance, I don't think this would be sensible - whilst I don't doubt for a moment that this is a list of people the BNP thinks are or have been members, I'm reluctant to post the names myself because I'm sure it will include mistakes, including telephone numbers. I don't want anyone to be falsely accused as a result of some BNP bureaucratic cock-up. It could also breach Data Protection legislation.

Following the lead given by Lancaster UAF, I'm also not publishing a link to the site directly, but I would simply direct you to the Wikileaks site - always a worthwhile read!

This is the most serious setback the BNP have had in years, and we can only hope that a lot of these people will be shamed into leaving the party as a result of this disclosure. Being a member of the racist, Holocaust-denying party is no longer a dirty little secret.


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha.

Now the racist scum know what it is like to be intimidated, harrassed and live in fear.
I gather that Muslim and Jewish Websites around the world are publishing the details.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the game's up, eh lads


Anonymous said...

I'm not really sure if it actually is bad news for the BNP.
There are a lot of people connected to the party who support us passionately and would make great activists and candidates but are quite happy to remain in the shadows.

What have they got to lose once they have been "outed". It can only happen once and when they find that the water is not too bad when they are in it are then likely to become active and an asset to the BNP.

One thing which knarks me is these people who stay in the shadows and allow the frontline activists to have all the focus on them.
Well with this leak it is now shared over a wider group of people.

Going back to the early days many used to join under false names, however these days people just use their proper handles.

Can anybody find an ex tory councillor on the Darlington BNP list? Must admit I haven't seen it but if it is genuine then he should be there.

BNP Volunteer said...

You can choose to believe me or not but I recieved a phone call today from a mate of mine (not from Darlington) saying that he had seen his name on the list.

He is a Union rep with the Public Services Union.
His role within that Union? - Equality and Diversity Rep!
There should be a few more interesting ones like this which may come to light.

I have noticed from this list that there are several ommissions from this list which the keen eyed amongst you will have noticed. A lot of our activists choose not to be members but donate the equivalent to their membership and more as donations at local level.

Anonymous said...

Could be worse.

Fancy being outed as a Lib Dem.

Anonymous said...

Tyne & Wear Anti-Fascist Action!!

What strange friends you have councillor!!!

Or are you claiming membership of TWAFA?

ali hardwick said...

Trust you to bring the tone down, Kevin.

Who posted the list then?

Anonymous said...

Who posted the list?
Do you suspect foul play or an ulterior motive Mr ID thief?

It was quite interesting to see a load of unsophisticated lefties - Mr Wallis included gloating about those incompetent Nazi's losing their membership lists (Doh).

Underestimate the BNP at your peril. It is a much cleverer and cunning animal than Mr Wallis or his lickspittles.

Lets elaborate on the open mind position adopted by the creepy stalker who speaks from behind other peoples names without their knowledge or permission, that it may have possibly been the BNP leadership that "lost" the membership list. It certainly has a very likely scapegoat to blame the theft on too which takes suspicion away from itself, if it chose to "lose" the list as some are speculating about.

But what could the BNP possibly gain from the whole world seeing who is on their membership list and risk losing members?

Well one thing is certain, there are well over a thousand people who are bold enough to put their names on a ballot paper with the initials BNP next to it who will not be phased one bit and will continue in the party(the BNP membership was only 1000 in 2001).
11,000 names of inactive support are of only limited use, it could be said.

The BNP will probably lose a few of the flakier members who as sure as night follows day would leave as soon as things got hot anyway - depriving the BNP of a few quid that it won't miss.
Such regular purging is healthy for the party as it prevents problems of weak characters progressing into positions of leadership which at a later time may require strength.

The BNP has already benefited from
A) The public realising that the BNP has Doctors, policemen/women, radio presenters, footballers, and other upstanding people. In other words normalised.

B) Publicity which attracted 100,000 visits to the website and 250,000ish pages viewed.

C) Increased membership & donations, which have apparently skyrocketed in the last few days.

D) Public sympathy, which is outraged about the behaviour of the media and their cronies and the harrasment of police & prison officers.

E) (A very sinister possibility)
It was always going to be probable that an unsophisticated and excitable anarchist/lefty/muslim would take matters into their own hands and take direct action against the names on the list just like what happened last night when a BNP member off the list got his car firebombed (don't cheer too loudly yet leftys). In certain parts of the country not only is the BNP of significant numbers but it also has a big pull with the larger community, many of whom don't like Asians. The BNP members will also have many friends and extended family. So a firebombed car or the frail old grandmother of many locals who received an obscene phone call in the early hours off Abdul or the local lefty may spark tit for tat actions which could escalate into a low level civil war between rival communities possibly ending up in a full scale race riot just before the Euro elections - just like what happened back in 2001 when the BNP first made it into the big time(Oldham, Burnley, Bradford).

Can those mocking lefties who had much to gloat about earlier on now feel themselves starting to sober up?
Either by design (as the ID thief hints at) or by accident it looks like the genie is well and truly out of the bottle and playing into the hands of the BNP.

No one has ever accused the left wing of being bright. Advantage has also been taken of the list to put pressure on employers to sack BNP members.
The Devil will find work for idle hands to do!!!!! If a lefty had any sense they would leave BNP members alone in their employment. While a BNP member is in work, he is deprived of time to be active, has an obligation to be somewhere and all energy is used up in his job.

However if turfed out of a job by a campaign of labour leaning sorts and ethnics not only will the person become radicalised with a sharp axe to grind but he will have the time, energy and motivation to massively promote the aims of the BNP.
Look at all that has been achieved by the Walker brothers since they have become "otherwise occupied".

It is glaringly obvious that the tactics and craft of the BNPs opponents are left wanting.
Does anonymous still think that the game is up?

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you allow the British Nazie Party to say they are proud of thier membership under full anonymity !


ali hardwick said...

Hi Kev
It's looking increasingly likely that Cyclops leaked the list. Of course, that hasn't stopped him from blaming Kenny and the gang/ the Labour Party/Searchlight!

Do you really believe that thousands have joined out of sympathy for the plight of the bnp?

You'll be pleased to get shot of the "flakier" members who'll be neither use nor ornament once things get "hot". It's almost as though you're willing civil disorder. Should that happen you'll be able to bring your political soldiers into play, quality members like the brothers Walker. That is unless Mark answers some challenging questions in the meantime.

This story is from Spennynews, Issue 130 - 22nd November 2008
A former teacher at a Shildon School, who was officially sacked recently on the grounds of his sickness record, has since been accused of having a sexual relationship with a former pupil.


Anonymous said...

Why is it priceless?

A smear story generated by a leak (from you know who?)published on the front page of the 'unbiased' Northern Echo.

Funny thing is Paul (I mean 'ali'), not a soul is mentioning it on the doorstep down in Shildon.

The simple reason for that is no one actually believes a word of that 'unbiased' NSPCC report and all can see it for what it is.

Priceless, as you say!

ali hardwick said...

So you're saying that the NSPCC has conspired with persons unknown to allege, without any evidence, that Mark Walker is a nonce to get him sacked because he stood as a bnp candidate?

That's strange as I'd never suspected the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children as figuring highly in the murky world of political espionage and character assassination.

If that's the case then he's in for a handsome windfall from the courts. Not that it would go to court as he doesn't have a leg to stand on.

If only Mark's special friend from Sunnydale had been a bit older she might have voted for him forcing a dead heat!

Anonymous said...

Sweaty palms, 'ali'?

ali hardwick said...

Not as sweaty as Walker's by the look of the N Echo pic. Lol.

Anonymous said...

I suppose you would know, 'ali'!!