Saturday, November 01, 2008

Here come the girls

They're finally here - our 4 chooks are safely installed in the henhouse and run.

To start us off, we've bought 4 pullets - 2 Rhode Island Reds and 2 Light Sussexes. I understand they should be laying in 4 weeks or so.

Sandy and James have been away at a swimming training camp this week, so I've been left to install the chickens and look after AJ's freshly-acquired pet rabbit. It's a flop-eared dwarf, which AJ's called (with a 7-year old's characteristic mindset) Fluffy. Fluffy is still a bit nervous of us. The intention was to keep her in a hutch outside, but that good intention was soon abandoned, and feeling sorry for her, she was installed in the outhouse.

So before and after work this week, I've been tending to the livestock. Much of that has been spent mopping up after Fluffy - just how much wee can a tiny dwarf rabbit produce?!

The next job is to name the chickens, and that's where you all come in. Your suggestions would be very welcome - but remember - AJ is going to be the final judge so keep all contributions clean!


miketually said...

Allowing your kids to name your pets is dodgy ground. Our three are called Miss Hoolie, Cluck Cluck and Bert. The last one was my choice :)

For yours, how about Paxo, Sage, Onion and Chestnut?

cllr. m burton said...

Peck, Cheep, Klucky and Feathers...

Anonymous said...

Can you tell us the Local Council By-laws and other rules and regulations about keeping chickens on your premises? They used to be quite strict, but wonder if they have now changed. Thanks in advance.

Darlington Councillor said...

Thanks for that, Mike and Mark - though as Sandy, James and AJ are vegetarians, I'm not sure whether 'stuffing-related' names are likely to win through... :)

As for by-laws and chickens - everything I've read suggests that there are no by-laws regarding chickens in a moveable henhouse - hence the proliferation of the Eglu shelter in urban areas.

I guess that changes when you start rearing chickens on an industrial scale.

Ian White said...


You cannot keep chickens on your allotments in Hurworth, I just checked the other week for a resident.

BNP Volunteer said...

If you haven't done so already I would strongly recommend getting the rabbit vaccinated against Myxamatosis. I have heard that vets are reporting ten times the amount of cases in this area from last years figures. I have seen a lot more wild ones this year suffering too. Being in the country now you will be at increased risk of this evil disease.
The peak time for myxamatosis is August to October.

Different rules on allotments as far as I know. There was one allotment up near Stanley/Consett and you could get away with keeping whatever you liked on it. Scrap cars was a particular favourite. But this particular sideline went the distance after complaints off locals.

How much did the chickens cost you?
I have heard many people recommend Isa Browns. Apparently they are very prolific layers and are good with children.

BNP Volunteer said...

How about calling the dominant one Lilly (Vasey)