Saturday, October 11, 2008

A new recruit

For some time now, Northern Echo journalists have been dipping in and out of blogging, mostly displaying the same sort of enthusiasm for the art that I have for the gym.

All that's changed now, with editor Pete Barron starting up his own blog on the Echo site. Pete's managed an obscene level of 10 posts in 4 days already, which is just showing off, frankly. Where does he find the time?

In all seriousness, Pete is a very welcome addition to blogging in the town - his level of commitment to various causes around the Borough is exemplary, and his hard work has guaranteed that the Echo can truly badge itself as a paper at the heart of the community it serves.

His blog is going to be required reading, so I've added a link on my blogroll.

1 comment:

Mellow Yellow said...

I hear Labour are foisting rejected ex Harrowgate Hill councillor John Vasey onto the North Road electorate.
A bit of a desperate and lack lustre choice of candidate who is obviously only involved in politics because he has been hen pecked into it.
I think it is safe to say "Congratulations Anne Marie Curry".
I wouldn't waste too much on your shoe leather and leaflet expenses Labour
Does anybody know who the other runners and riders are?