Monday, October 20, 2008

Mwah! Mwah!

People with right leaning politics often seem suceptible to conspiracy-theory stuff. Like the idea that The Northen Echo is full of closet socialists. My Tory colleague Cllr. Mike Cartwright hints at this in his most recent post.

So I'm not sure Mike's fears will have been allayed by Pete Barron's laugh out loud anecdote from Friday's Mayor's Ball....


david h said...

Mike C certainly puts an interesting slant on the Steve Jones issue. He is certainly not the first to suggest that the SJ is popular in the area and has done a lot for his constituents.

However i am of the opinion that if you put yourself forward for public office then you have a duty to your electorate to represent them in council. SJ has failed in this duty.

He is perfectly entitled to put himself forward again though, and the community left to decide if he is best placed to represent them.

As far a the echo is concerned, I am of the belief that there is some bias, but not necesarily political. Any local paper depends a great deal on the LA for advertsising revenue etc. It is therefore to the benefit of any paper not to upset the local powers that be too much.

Therefore you will seldom find the "campaining newspaper" actively campaigning against specific dbc actions. The most you will see is an "even handed" approach.

The situation would i am sure be the same should the tories get elected next time.........god forbid!

Anonymous said...

Clearly bias to the n-th degree. Speaks volumes too about the boss of Groundwork kate culverhouse, Barron, Wiilliams and Grundy beign sooooooo friendly wot? they meet at so many functions paid for by the community, one way or another that they are probably living in each others pockets and know what each other is thinking. NOT very healthy for DEMOCRACY - just their pockets end egos doing well to date!!!!

Anonymous said...

WAS IT LAST YEARS OR THE PREVIOUS YEAR MAYORS BALL THAT HAD LAB LV BEING MADE A PASS AT BY LIB DEM FL . THE SHINANIGANS OF THE mighty!! What a reputation the Mayors Ball has!!!!!! I m considering not buying any more tickets, despite its profits go to good causes.