Saturday, October 04, 2008

Decision Makers - Reshuffle Special

The latest Northern Decision Makers is now online - this edition features an interview with Iain Wright, MP for Hartlepool who is still (I think) a Minister for Housing. Iain turned in a typically feisty performance, and had some interesting reflections on the return of his town's former MP Peter Mandelson.

Iain had agreed to the interview weeks ago, and we weren't to know that recording would take place in the midst of Gordon Brown's reshuffle. An anxious time for all ministers, and fair play to Ian, he continued with the filming whilst waiting to hear his fate. Theatrically, we asked Ian to put his mobile on the table during the interview and .... - well watch the film and see for yourselves.


Anonymous said...


Peter Mandelson.

A rat returning to the sinking ship!!
The final nail in Labour's coffin?


Anonymous said...

How desperate is Gordon (VERY)

miketually said...

There are too many issues raised in the edition to quickly address here, so I'll stick my IT hat on:

Please can you ask whoever does the graphics to redraw the graphs used, rather than taking them straight from Excel - it takes the shine off the otherwise excellent production values.

Or, if that's not possible, at least hide the legend on the graph when it's not needed (first graph) and deselect the chart before taking a screenshot of it (pie chart).

Its the IT equivalent of a misplaced apostrophe.