Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tonight on TV

Occasionally, just occasionally, there are advantages to being middle-aged and housebound, minding the kids, on a Saturday night.

Tonight is such a night, with the BBC's new Autumn season kicking off.

It starts off with the much-anticipated 6th series of Strictly Come Dancing. This will include ITV's political correspondent John Sargeant, described by The Times' Caitlin Moran as looking like "Rebrandt in Lycra". Whether this series can match the pulchritudinous (one for Mike there) heights of last year (Kelly Brook, Alesha Dixon, Gabby Logan and Penny Lancaster Stewart, oh, and some blokes as well) remains to be seen.

Then it's on to Maestro - The Winner's Finale. For the last 5 weeks, Maestro has been gripping tv, as we've watched a hotchpot of celebs learning how to conduct an orchestra. It was an introduction to reality tv for the cultured middle classes, although whether Classic FM listeners are ready for Big Brother 12 yet, I have my doubts. (In a rare low-brow slip, the BBC aren't clear whether its a Final or Finale).

The series was worth watching if only for the car crash first episode when Peter Snow's rendition of Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet (above) left me with tears rolling down my face.

And my favourite use of the word maestro in comedy.....?

"When I tell people I work with Colin Sell, they often ask me "how is the maestro?". Well, Colin tells me that it's failed its MOT again, but should be back on the road by next Tuesday". Humphrey Littleton

Which brings me seamlessly onto I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue on BBC4 tonight at 10.30pm (can you see what I did there?). The only completely filmed edition of the show, and another chance to pay our respects to the late, great Humph.


Anonymous said...

Alan Macnab writes....

Watching Peter Snow certainly put a smile on my face. Wonderful.

I will be watching the Last Night of the Proms as usual.

Aeres said...

As I've been away in London on business quite a bit recently I've managed to catch a few of the Proms during this season and can heartily recommend them. No tickets required (as long as you're prepared to stand) - just turn up half an hour before, get yourself a drink, then stand just feet away from some of the most talented musicians you're likely to find anywhere in a venue that takes your breath away.

The cost? £5! There's not too many bargains around nowadays, but this is one of them without a shadow of a doubt.

Mike Barker said...

So, you missed "Legends - Humphrey Littleton" on BBC 4 last night? If so, it's on BBCi player here:

Anonymous said...

Aeres said.... glad you enjoyed the Proms. Marvellous, aren't they?
Nick's sister-in-arms, Margaret Hodge would do away with them if she had the chance. Too elitist, 'not inclusive enough", even though anyone can go if they've a fiver to spare.