Friday, September 05, 2008

Sadberge Energy Saving Project

On Wednesday evening, I spent an inspirational hour or so at Sadberge Parish Hall listening to the progress that the Energy Saving Project has made.

Attended by about 40 people, there were presentations on various project elements. Villagers who have taken part have done so not just to save the planet - it makes great financial sense too to monitor and reduce unnecessary energy usage.

Every household in the village received a questionnaire about that household's current energy profile, which achieved a very creditable 35% return. The project has 10 energy monitors which can plot usage during the day, and also pinpoint how much energy is taken by individual appliances. Deals have also been struck with local window and insulation companies to provide great value for those looking to install double glazing or loft insulation.

Feedback from residents who have used the monitors demonstrates that it has certainly changed their pattern of use - for example, although I always turn my PC and printer off at night, I have never thought to unplug the gang unit to which the cables are attached - these use electricity 24/7 unless they too are unplugged.

With a grant for £500, (the cheque was presented on the evening) more monitors can now be purchased.

This is a great initiative which has brought together the Parish Council and the Energy Saving Trust. Representatives from MSG were also there on Tuesday night to see what they could learn. This is a trail-blazing project, and very much a trial, so it can't be rolled automatically to other areas at this stage.

As the relevant portfolio holder, however, I'm looking into organising a presentation for councillors around the Borough about the project to see what other communities can learn however, and how also we can encourage residents to link into the Energy Savings Trust.


Chris Close said...

Another day, Nick still no answer about Victoria House.

You have claimed I am delusional so why not reply and put everyone right?

Is it because I am entirely correct in my assertions and DBC has at last employed someone with integrity unlike philandering Cliff Brown who has none?

Chris Close

Chris Close said...

[color=red][size=18]For the avoidance of doubt, if Nick Wallis now knows I am correct, how can he continue to act as a Councillor of as a Cabinet member since he will be subourning neglect by refusing to act against Cliff Brown whose actions have brought about the unnecessary deaths of people who could not speak for themselves?

If Wallis now knows I am correct then why have I not received a massive apology and Cliff Brown the sack?

I am correct and so if Wallis does not address this situation then he is making himself out to be an even bigger liar than he has proven to be in the past.[/size]
Chris Close