Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Party Animal

It was Northern Night last night.  It has developed near-legendary status in the conference calendar, in part of course because we had a North East MP as our Prime Minister.

So you might feel that the mood was different this year.  It was, but not in the way you might have thought. 

The marquee was packed, and when Gordon Brown came in, he got a rapturous reception.  He spoke warmly and wittily for about 5 minutes and was cheered to the rafters.  It was an astonishing occasion.

It's my sense that the party is in a state of almost visceral loyalty to GB this week.  We don't much care for Tory tabloids telling us who our leader should be, and how Charles Clarke is able to walk round unmolested is beyond me.

Back to Northern Night, where I was on the door, gently separating guests from their cash in aid of the raffle.  There's no way one can retain a shred of dignity hawking tickets, so I just went for it. 

I can report that the likes of Margaret Beckett, John Prescott and David Milliband all gave generously.  And after a shameless performance by Gateshead MP Sharon Hodgson overseeing the auction, we raised over £1,000 for North East Party campaigning.

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Anonymous said...

Any sign of Cllr Swainston there?
He's still A.W.O.L. in Hurworth, Thanks for your help with the bus shelter, Nick, shall we now just use you as his locum?

Anonymous said...

You lot might be able to afford the junketting at our expense.

We cannot and we see and take note how corrupt, self serving, sleezy the Labour Party are.

Anonymous said...

Alan Macnab writes...

Yes it is right you should have a good conference after the torrid time the Labour Party has had lately.

However you have to realise, as I am sure you do, that the working people of this country with children are having a pretty difficult time.

Last week when the financial markets were in meltdown I was very anxious indeed about the future.

It's offensive to me that the hedge fund managers by speculating have made millions out of the losses incurred last week in the markets, but it has and will affect the ordinary people of this country like you and I and yet the Labour Party are pretty weak when it comes to cracking down on these excesses.

It's interesting that the FBI are investigating the big companies on Wall Street. Will we do the same as far as the City is concerned?

I believe that middle income earners who have borne the brunt of increases at the shops and at the petrol station should be allowed to keep more of their income.

There was nothing in Gordon Brown's speech yesterday to help middle earners. In fact, middle earners will have to pay increased taxes to pay for all the computers which Labour wants to give to the poor for example and there will be no doubt increased mortgage payments as a result of last week. I listened to PM on Radio 4 last night and the comments indicated forcibly that middle earners were sick of paying higher taxes and bearing the brunt of attempts to redistribute wealth.

I support the Liberal Democrat proposals for the super rich to pay more and for tax cuts for middle or low earners because the tax burden simply has to be taken off the shoulders of middle earners. Give them (us) the freedom to spend their (our) hard earned money they way they (we) want. It just might revive the economy by spending and creating jobs.

Sadly Gordon Brown did not mention about giving help to middle earners. he could have done but did not.

I firmly believe that it will be middle earners who will decide the outcome of the next General Election. The opinion polls in the next few days will be very interesting indeed.

Paul Cain said...

... and at 3am Ruth Kelly showed 'visceral loyalty' by resigning.
It's enough to make a cat laugh.
Coun Wallis, give it up. I think you're a decent enough bloke, and you shouldn't be associating with the Labour party. It does your reputation no good.

Ex-Labour said...

My cat hed to be rushed to the vets suffering with "Cheshire syndrome" when it heard wee Ruth was going, now if only a few more could follow her lead I would not mind the vet bills so much.

Anonymous said...

Potty aminal said:

Poor wee Ruthie properly hacked off she is with her resignation being leaked.

Any chance of you doing the decent thing and falling on your sword over the overspend on the ETC for which you were responsible?

Paul Cain said...

Coun Wallis; Perhaps you could start a new thread on whether or not you support the return of Peter Mandelson to the cabinet?

Anonymous said...

From another blog:

Barb from West Midlands:
Yours is the stupidest comment of the lot. Before you slag off people with bad/poor grammar perhaps you might like to re-read your posting and think again about taking a swipe at other peoples spelling. What exactly has Mandy achieved/done for this country exactly?.............No I can't think of a single thing either. Here is a Government surrounded by sleaze and now seeks to sort out it's problems by employing the services of a disgraced minister, not once but twice, how low is Gordon prepared to stoop? You seem to forget that Gordon Brown has blown all this country's reserves, reserves that would have sigificantly helped to see us through these hard times, this so-called Iron Chancellor that was has proven to be a complete disaster and now as PM is having to face the consequences of his own doing. You cite that under the Tories we had starving people, debt, divided families and broken communities.............very much what we are all going through now I would say. How long can Labour/Labour supporters continue to blame the Tories, Labour has been in power long enough to have made a difference and made this a better country, they haven't and they don't have the balls to admit they cocked up and don't have a clue on how to sort it out, their best line of defence is "blame the tories". Well I think the nation is sick of hearing the only excuse the Labour party has for trying to cover up its incompetence. We all pay more tax under Labour and what have we got in return? Sweet FA. Labour are breaking it's own rules on borrowing which is now at record levels, who's going to pay it back? The taxpayer of course. As Ian Hislop so correctly put it "Labour were supposed to eradicate boom and bust, well they've eradicated boom" Look at the postings Barb, you look like the exception that proves the rule, Labour have got to go.

Could'nt put it better myself. Well done that man.

Paul Cain said...

Mandelson's return is the equivalent of the Tories appointing Jeffrey Archer as shadow Chancellor.
Can you imagine Labour's reaction if that happened?
So how come they sit back and let the prime minister embrace Mandelson, a man who should have done prison time for mortgage fraud?
This is a day of infamy, even by the standards of this government, surely the most dishonest and corrupt ever.
Coun Wallis, I'll ask again: Do you think Mandelson's return is acceptable?
This is an important indicator as to your political and personal character and the public has the right to know where you stand.
Please answer.