Monday, August 11, 2008

Speeding in Haughton

Speeding is a problem in a number of streets around the ward. After being approached by local residents, we asked for speed surveys to be undertaken in Hutton Avenue, Littlebeck Drive and Wylam Avenue. Some of the results are back now, and we've had the following response from the Police;

Wylam Avenue

Total traffic flow - 24,564 vehicles

Total above 30mph - 7974 (32.45%)

Total above 35mph - 2879 (11.72%) Prosecution bracket

Total above 40mph - 716 (2.91%)

Given the ACPO prosecution policy I am unable to progress this matter further. You may however be interested to know that excess speed in a northerly direction is in excess of the southerly direction by a ratio of 3 to 1it would therefore be interesting to know where the counter was located to give this large imbalance in the figures.

Littlebeck Drive

Total traffic flow - 8,534 vehicles

Total above 30mph - 239 (2.80%)

Total above 35mph - 45 (0.53%) Prosecution bracket

Total above 40mph - 12 (0.14%)

As above I am unable to progress this complaint further given the non compliance data supplied and the ACPO guidance.

So in Littlebeck Drive, around 3% of vehicles travelled faster than 30mph, and less than half of one percent went above 35mph. In Wylam Avenue, however, a third were travelling faster than the speed limit, and 12% were speeding in excess of 35 mph.

The Police’s response is that they will not support any traffic calming measures in either location, based on national guidelines. Whilst this is perhaps understandable in Littlebeck Drive, we feel there are strong grounds to tackle speeding in Wylam Avenue, beginning perhaps with speed enforcement work.

We are pressing for this, and for the survey on Hutton Avenue to be completed as soon as possible.


miketually said...

I've just has a quick look at the ACPO prosecution policy ( and can't see anything about not targeting motorists greatly exceeding the speed limit in a residential area, on a road which is regularly crossed by young children accessing the Council-provided football pitch and next to which children regularly play.

It seems that you can do pretty much what you like as a motorist in Darlington, but if you're a kid on a moped riding along a field they'll have the helicopter after you.

Darlington Councillor said...

Just to stress, Mike - we've not given up on this. The point you make about safe access across Wylam Avenue for children is a good one.

miketually said...

Good to hear it.