Tuesday, August 26, 2008

On air with Princess Steph

One of the hazards of being a councillor is getting a call from Party HQ asking very politely if you'd be able to take part in a radio debate? And it's live. Oh, and in about half an hour.

Whilst I have turned down TV before when I literally know nothing about the subject matter, this slot was hung on a Tory report on teenage health in the North East, so I was able to draw on my knowledge as the previous portfolio holder for health and leisure.

I was up against the Tory PPC for Berwick, who trotted out the usual knocking copy, pretending that somehow government targets were responsible for teenage smoking and drinking in the North East.

Rather than snipe back with some easy political shots, I tried to keep my contribution as factual as possible, pointing out not only the high level cash and organisation coming from the Government, but also how schemes at a very local level are beginning to make a difference, like the healthy school initiative in Darlington. Education needs to reach the children, but parents have to be a key audience too.

And it was a pleasure to be interviewed by Stephanie Finnan - I'm in the demographic where Century Radio plays my kind of music, and I listen to Steph, Scott and Ben on the morning show regularly. Steph even rang me afterwards to thank me for coming on the show. What a princess!


Anonymous said...

What on earth do you mean by "I'm in the demographic" Is it some Labour part movement ?

For goodness use English not jargon

One of your ward members

Anonymous said...

What on earth do you mean by "I'm in the demographic" Is it some Labour part movement ?

For goodness use English not jargon

One of your ward members

Anonymous said...

Nauty nauty Mark Burton. Looks like he is being sued just like you nearly were last year.

Anonymous said...

what does anonoymus mean regarding mark burton on the last post do tell all I for would like to know regarding the during

Anonymous said...

Sued what for?

What have you heard?

Anonymous said...

It is something to do with a Mr Rowley, Cheif exec. of Darlington Building Society I believe.

Im sure Mark's little man, huge ego complex will soon adorn this site with a full, if not rose tinted account of the hole he has allegedly dug for himself with someone who according to the Harrowgatehill site "is a name" in Darlington, what ever that means.

I believe it means someone who thinks they are better than others and has fiends in high places, dont you just love the corruption of these high powered people.

Most of whom are supposedly friends of DBC and part of their little quangos, the sort who get free tickets to this and awards for that.

The motto Mark is don't rock the DBC buddy boat or big John's mates will haul you over the coals. Get ready for de-selection next election.

Only in Darlington.

miketually said...

Demographic means Nick is in the age group at which the radio station is aimed.

According to the Echo, Mark Burton made some comments on his site that the head of Darlington Building Society didn't like.

Darlington Councillor said...

Thanks for that, Mike - sometimes these things just have to be spelled out.... ;)

As for Mark - well, I see he's taken down the post and issued an apology "without prejudice" as some of us are learning to say.

I'm not surprised (although always disappointed) to read the usual bile from anonymous sources here about a hard-working councillor. In fact, I'd go further - I don't there's anyone in Darlington in any of the parties who come near to Mark for commitment and sheer determination in what is a very difficult situation (solitary Labour councillor with 2 opposition councillors in the same ward).

On his own, he not only turns out the well-received and award-winning Little Red Rosette, but also deals with a mountain of ward work. As always in these matters, the harder you work, the greater the volume of casework you attract as your reputation gets around. Mark is a first class ward representative for Harrowgate Hill.

Chris Close said...

But you both lie about other people.....

And you have to apologise for your lies.

So who paid your legal costs, and his Nick?

When you accused Heather Scott and Charles Johnson????

Darlington Councillor said...

Errr, I didn't 'accuse' Heather and Charles of anything. There was no question of libel, and so there were no legal costs.

I do have a policy of removing posts if I unintentionally cause upset, which I was happy to do in that case.

And that's the difference between us Chris - you seem to take a twisted pleasure in making wild, unsubstantiated and often very hurtful claims against others.

cllr. mark burton said...

Thank you for your comments Nick. Chris, perhaps we should meet face to face one day and then you can explain to me by what you mean about your accusations of me lying about other people and the legal costs are you’re talking about. I’ll ask my legal people to look at what you have said and perhaps I should think about launching a real libel case against you...

Close for Mayor said...

Chris although a pain to nu-labour, very rarely says or posts things without proof.

Long live advocacy!

Chris Close said...

So Nick the apology on your site was imagined, was it??

I am quaking at the thought of standing up to your legal team, Mark, my terror has no boundaries.

As for you Nick, the fictions you indulge yourself in are well known in the Town and whilst you may occasionally scare some people, increasingly people are seeing through your actions and those of the bullying and corrupt party you seek to represent because heaven knows, the only interests you serve of your own and those of your party.

As for you, Mark I have little time for replying to you but it is well known the tactics you indulged in to get you elected.

I am sure that some of your less absent minded opponents would be quite happy to remind you.

You have still not answered any of the posts about Victoria House by myself or others, Nick?

Why because you cannot handle the truth or because you immunise yourself from it by leaving it to the 'Officers' who Nulabor employs to do their dirty work?

Chris Close said...

Those of you who have visited the Harrowgate Hill site in the last week or so will recall an article written about Darlington Building Society and the `helpfulness' of its Chief Executive, Mr Rowley.

There have been some developments since I wrote the article and I have been requested to withdraw the article from this website as Mr Rowley is a `name' in Darlington.

I have heeded the words of those requests and withdrawn the article from this website.

However, I would like to point out that in this wonderful country of ours where free speech and democracy is a right that I wrote the article with the best of intentions - to represent my ward and its residents to the best of my ability, as this is what I was elected to do. I had no intention of being offensive; I was merely reporting the results of a legitimate enquiry made of a local business man. The fact that the end result was more than unsatisfactory is something I believe needed to be communicated to Harrowgate Hill residents who instigated my involvement in the first place.

Therefore, I apologise to Mr Rowley who has misunderstood my intentions and to those who obviously have high regard and a better knowledge of Mr Rowley's role in the community.

If Mr Rowley would now like to clarify what is happening to the site in question (my original enquiry), I am sure that would represent a satisfactory outcome for all concerned.

Cll. Mark Burton

Well well well


You seem to have been told off.

Also using the term 'without prejudice' has no legal meaning.

You have simply apologised for being a prat.

Chris Close said...

Do the two of you really want more because if you want to then bring it on............

And yes Nick I know ALL about Marty boy at Aycliffe including the women he raped.

Anonymous said...

Chris 1 Nu-Labour 0

cllr.mark burton said...

Chris...why is there no body answering your phone at your office...I think it's time me and you met.

Chris Close said...

That sounds like a threat, Mark?

Is it meant as a threat?

Do you seek to 'take me outside'?

Is that your wish?

I am used to DBC's 'terror tactics' around my building but not actually physical threats to my person..........I hope that is not what you meant.

By the way, normal office hours are not 8 am in the morning where we work....

Anonymous said...

Chris, you will recognise him he will be on stilts ;)

Darlington Councillor said...

*Sigh* No, it wasn't a threat, Chris, although I see you're desperate to hype it up as such.

Mark is a very direct person, who likes to sort things out face-to-face. To be commended, I would have thought, and hardly "terror tactics" (lol)

I would simply say this to Mark - you have to remember that Chris is one part the kind of person you see in town centres shouting abuse at passers-by, but also a playground bully in the language he uses.

Therefore it's important not to respond to his attention-seeking displays - that's what he craves. It's just a great shame that he has poisoned so many relationships in the town.

As for Victoria House, Chris - no resident or carer has ever approached me about this facility. It would therefore be inappropriate for me to comment further.

At the end of the day, I'd rather this blog doesn't become an extension of the bizarre fantasy world Chris inhabits - his various libels did a lot to drive people away from taking the Liar at all seriously, and I don't want that to happen here. So nuff said!

Anonymous said...

How dare you reply like this?

The people in Victoria House have no-one.

Chris Close said...

As for Victoria House, Chris - no resident or carer has ever approached me about this facility. It would therefore be inappropriate for me to comment further.

At the end of the day, I'd rather this blog doesn't become an extension of the bizarre fantasy world Chris inhabits - his various libels did a lot to drive people away from taking the Liar at all seriously, and I don't want that to happen here. So nuff said!

Prick - these people have no-one

When my service was excluded in 2003, they had no-one.

How dare you question my judgement what about Maxine Naismith's condemnation?

And if you question my mental health again, will sue you personally.

Chris Close said...

Nick your post defames me.

Please apologise or I will sue you personally.

Anonymous said...

Are more appologies coming?

Pan said...

You seam very hyper active with your ‘quick-fire’ responses there Chris, are you sure you’ve been taking all the prescribed drugs your physiologist recommended?

You also seam very scared and somewhat defensive towards Mark’s suggestion to meet – perhaps some sessions in my chair may do the trick… you know where to contact me. Pan

Concerned said...

I am quite uncomfortable with this latest minor to feature on your blog with gushing admiration.
Recently in addition to this has also been a feature on a teen girl from the youth parliment and also those girl swimmers.

Chris Close has also made some interesting comments and he needs to be taken seriously with his very legitimate questions answered!

miketually said...

Good grief. Some people are quite desperate, aren't they. "Princess Steph" finished uni in 2004, so she must be 25. Rebecca Adlington is 19. Joanne Jackson is 21.

If you disagree with Nick's policies or opinions, why not counter them with facts, rather than making these pathetic insinuations.

Personally, I'd be concerned about someone who sees underage girls where there are none...

Chris Close said...

Just a few minor matters............

Firstly, I am not 'concerned' or 'anonymous' and certainly not cheerleader, Miketually.

The issues I have raised are extremely serious.

Councillor Wallis chooses to meet these issues with libellous comments about my mental health.

His Council is corrupt and run by people whose only concern is themselves; service to the public is secondary.

He attacks me when all of the 'knockabout' commentary comes from him and his 'colleague' Mark Burton.

When he is challenged he goes tail up and refuses to reply.

No-one can take this man seriously.

As for me, the evidence is available in the work I do and I have no problems with that being tested.

Chris Close

Chris Close said...

Also 'Pan' you appear to be one of the biggest 'losers' I have ever come across. No I don't know who you are nor do I care because you post under a nom de plume, presumably because of your own deeply rooted psychological problems.

Chris Close

Pan said...

Now - now Chris, remember to breathe deeply 'in... and out'. And do try to post everything you want to say in just the one entry otherwise your ‘rapid fire’ responses brings your aggression to the forefront instead of what it is you’re actually trying to put over… which is mainly utter rubbish anyhow, but we’ll humour you for a little while longer whilst the men in white coats assess your records further. Remember Chris, I’m always available for a little chat, but most importantly… keep your tablets in order in that little weekday pouch I gave you last time and, with water please Chris, not with that vodka you keep in your trouser pocket.

Chris Close said...

Gutless people like you Pan, can only ever hide behind nom de plumes otherwise people might find out your real pathetic identity.

Pan said...

Pan says... you should have an early night - tonight - goodnight!

Now people, now that Chris is in bed with his teddy bear, you’re all quite welcome to make comment on the actual topic of this blog.

So who or what is responsible for teenage smoking and drinking in the North East?

Could it be;
Pressures from today’s society?
Pricing and ease of access?
Peer pressure?
Television and films, I often see actors smoking in films. What part does this play in today’s world?
Soaps, most stressful or argumentative scenes tend to end with an alcoholic beverage of some sorts.

Is it the governments fault, I don’t agree.

miketually said...

I'm not sure that these comments help move the blog forward into a brave new era of positive discussion, Pan...

Concerned said...

I slightly apologise.
Maybe she is that age, but if she was seen in a nightclub most men would be very wary about any advances which she might make towards them.
She looks illegal in my humble opinion.
What about all the other very young looking females featured in this site who are waxed lyrical over?
I find it all in very bad taste and immensely disturbing.

Which Labour Councillors blew each other off? said...

.....according to rumours that is.

If there was to be a knockout competition in Darlington Labour Party for fighting who would win?
My money would be on Ian Heseltine.
I think that Stephen Harker would be a dead cert to fall by the wayside in Round 1 alongside flumpy Nick Wallace.
I predict that diminutive Mark Burton would get his head kicked in in a mismatched preliminary tie against a raging Bill Dixon.
Andrew Scott would go out in the second round to a severe handbagging from super harradon Marrion Swift after he pipped an ageing David Lyonette on points in an all Haughton West first round bout.
Lee Vasey would also progress no further than the second round despite a merciless punishing of Stella Robson in the opening round.
Vasey went out to Wendy Newall who beat Isabell Hartley in an uneventful damp squib in the previous round.

John Williams will get to the semis only to have a totaly new expresion knocked into his facial repetoire by eventual winner Ian Heseltine who triumphed in the final over a very fit and game Brian Thistlethwaite who bested a lean Roderick Francis in the other semi.

Eddie Warring said...

Its a Knock out very funny anonymous but you got the results wrong, Johnno would win for several reasons.
1,The others dare not stand upto him.
2,He will of used his red Ken contacts for tips.
3,He will of used the Town Crier (Liar) to hype himself, no change there then.
4,He would cheat!

But funny reading, who thinks this would be a good way for electing the council leader, survival of the fitest not jut survival of the biggest parasites. What about opening it up to the surrounding Parish's also just to give Johnno some competition from those who want payback, I bet a few Hurworth school mams would want a place in the Darlo UFC.
We could hold it at the Renolds Arena and as per usual give all DBC councillors and their cronies (McConachie et al) free tickets and free pies at half time.

Lets make politics interesting to the young. ;)

Chris Close said...

None of these comments have anything to do with me.

I do not know any of the Councillors involved and I am simply interested in better services in the Town.

My pocket is not being lined by Tax payers money and if these people are squabbling in this way then they should be ashamed of themselves.

As for Pan, this weird manifestation of human life should crawl back under his or her rock.

What about the Human Rights abuses at Victoria House, Nick or Mark?

Harrowgate Hill'er said...

Anonymous why don’t you put your name to what you write as easily as you put your name to what you don’t.

Pan said...

miketually said... I'm not sure that these comments help move the blog forward into a brave new era of positive discussion, Pan...

Pan said... well it was worth a shot...

Fanus said...


From Wikipedia

Pronounced "PAIN" son of Herpes, brother of haemorrhoids, causing a huge Pan in the AR5E!

Stick to current affairs in Yarm.

Yes Pan, you are now realising that the net is slowly but surely closing in on your true identity.

Don't worry this happens to all "shrinks" they, become self analitical with paranoid tendancy's, are we all out to get you? or is it just you?

This one you must answer yourself.

Hermes said...

Leave my son alone...

Zeus said...

Leave my grandson alone...

Darlington Councillor said...

Nothing in yet from Cronos...?

I think the mistake I made here was to not blog for several days, allowing people with more time than sense to run riot.

Hopefully, today's post will have acted as a distraction.

Anonymous said...

Have a look at that birds head.
It is shaped like a lemon.

Chris Close said...

Another day, Nick still no answer about Victoria House.

You have claimed I am delusional so why not reply and put everyone right?

Is it because I am entirely correct in my assertions and DBC has at last employed someone with integrity unlike philandering Cliff Brown who has none?

Chris Close