Monday, July 07, 2008

Who's Nanny now.....?

It takes a politician with a rare sense of timing to issue a press release to coincide with the visit to town of a pop superstar.

Of course I'm referring to Darlington Tories' hapless PPC Edward Legard, who chose today's Echo as the vehicle for his call for a total ban on drinking alcohol in public. Not surprisingly, the Echo chose to lead with the only slightly more newsworthy visit of Watford's Reg Dwight.

So I only came across Capt. Legrand's piece on page 25. Still, let's not quibble about that, and see what he's got to say.

Edward would like to stop everyone in Darlington drinking in public. This is on the back of just two of his rare trips to the town.

Rightly, he's been slapped down by my colleague Bill Dixon. As Bill points out, the police themselves don't support blanket bans, finding them to be ineffective.

More pertinently, a total ban would wipe out at a stroke the emerging street cafe culture in Darlington. I'm not sure how the captain's call will be greeted by those who have worked hard to develop their businesses over the past few years.

But fundamentally, doesn't Legard's call run counter to the Tories' bleating for less interference by the State in people's lives? After sitting through Boris last week lecturing us on how compulsory car seats are some betrayal of Magna Carta(despite all the lives they save), I simply don't know where the Tories are positioning themselves now.

Can I suggest that before our Tory PPC sends out any more press releases on this subject, he takes the trouble to familiarise himself with what the Council, the Police and partner organisations do now to tackle alcohol-fuelled anti-social behaviour?

Like concentrating on ASB hot-spots. Removing alcohol from young people early in the evening. Targetting premises which might be supplying alcohol illegally to children. Working with the parents of the children and young people causing the trouble.

Who knows, it might even lead to a well-informed debate on the subject.


Success to Temerance said...

Whilst I do not agree with Labour of late I do think the Tory's choice of candidate a little too "toffee nosed" and is giving the people very little choice as an alternative to "pepsico boy" so begrudgingly I partly agree with you Nick.
I also think that if the Police had more powers and the courts handed out stiffer sentences for people who misuse alchohol in public we would not need a total ban.
Once again it is like knife crime banning knives will not stop stabbings, banning guns has not stopped shootings, what is needed is a change in the law to once again be a deterant not a mere hinderence to the "little angels"
I did however find it ironic that Bill Dixon should defend public drinking being the Council alchohol expert ;)

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