Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Well, we've been moved for nearly two weeks now, and finally all the boxes are empty. Broadband should be activated on Monday, and I'll recommence regular blogging then.

Still, it's been a busy few days, both on a ward level and also in respect of my Cabinet duties. Last week we held two coffee mornings at the sheltered accommodation premises in the ward, at Oban Court and Rockwell House. At Oban Court. most of the issues raised were around maintenance around the building, whilst at Rockwell House, there has been some troubling anti-social behaviour. I'll be having a further site visit with officers over the next few days to see whether it's possible to 'design out' the problems.

David and I also did a street surgery and some door knocking in the Littlebeck Drive and Riverside Way area. Again, there are problems with ASB on Rockwell Pastures and Martindale Road. Interestingly, one resident was very keen to tell me that the very last thing she wanted was wheelie bins (many of the houses in Littlebeck Drive have a steep flight of steps up to or down from their property). She was less than impressed to learn of the LibDems plans to foist wheelie bins and fortnightly collections of household waste upon an unsuspecting town. But more of that anon.

Finally, on Saturday, I joined colleagues in Newton Aycliffe to campaign for Malcolm Iveson, Labour's candidate in the Simpasture ward by-election. There's been another big push from the BNP here, including a visit from their Fuehrer Nick Griffin, but from the mood I picked up on the doorstep, the people of area aren't being fooled by the BNP's doorstep lies and evasions.

I hope to join the campaign again in the final push for votes on Polling Day this Thursday.


Paul Cain said...

Councillor Wallis

I'm Paul Cain, the bloke from Darlington, who works in New York and whom you do not believe exists.

It's interesting that in the same post you mention anti social behaviour and the BNP.

By common consent, most of all by your consent judging by the content of your postings on this blog over the months, anti social behaviour is a major issue in the Haughton West ward. I agree. I own a house there.

Your government has been in power for 11 years. Labour has been in control of Darlington Council for... how long?

One of the reasons for the regrettable rise in the influence of the BNP is their pledge to crackdown on anti social behaviour in a way that avoids the pussy-footing social engineering that is the rancid hallmark of New Labour, and which many blame your party for aggravating to a scandalous extent.

Yet you fail to link you party's abject failure to the rise of the BNP.

You and your party are to blame for the emergence from the woodwork of the racists, Councillor Wallis.

You have forfeited the right to represent decent, ordinary working class people. Your institutionalised incompetence has created a vacuum which the BNP scum have been quick to fill.
Well done. You must be very proud.

Now, be a man, resign, and put your case to the electorate.

Lifetime Labour said...

Must agree to some extent Paul that if Nu-Labour were not so criminaly inept at their jobs and as bent as £3 notes with all the allowance scams etc there would be no opening for the BNP to sieze upon.

The blame for any lost Labour seat falls directly at the door of Labour itself, the present unelected PM is a sham and bad policy after bad policy are to blame.

The public hear you (not personally) say one thing then when the whips are out do another Post Offices are a prime example both our local Labour MP's pledged to help the last 5 closures then in the house voted for them, how hypocritic, the John Lewis list, call it what you will another abusement of allowances at the time most of us are struggling, petrol a barrel goes up 5p and here a liter goes up 10p ???

Its time for change and its all self inflicted.

Darlington Councillor said...

Well, anonymous, I deplore the vote on the initial so-called 'John Lewis list', although as I've indicated previously, there were substantial problems with the rival amendment too.

Both you and Paul Cain throw a lot of mud around regarding the Government's record, but I can't see how it's fair to lay all the blame at the door of Labour for the rise in ASB.

After all, in Darlington the Council has worked hard to provide a deterrent (via CCTV and better co-ordination between the Police and the Wardens). If you lived in Darlington, Paul, you would see tangible proof of that on Nightingale Avenue and Springfield Park in my ward alone.

We're also working hard to provide activities for young people wheich they actually want through the Click initiative. In addition, there's better publicity for the many clubs and activities provided by the voluntary and private sector.

As for the "rise" of the BNP - I think this is in part because the party's leadership has worked hard to try and 'decontaminate' the brand and hope people will forget the BNP's fascist and racist roots, and indeed the criminal convictions of many of its leading members.

I have a suspicion that as we move further and further away from WWII, newer generations won't appreciate how toxic National Socialism is, whilst their garndparents had direct experience of what fascism was all about.

Unless the LibDems get their way and PR is brought in, however, I can't see any future for the party. Even given the factors I've mentioned above, most people are aware that beneath the thin veneer of respectability, the BNP are still a bunch of racist Holocaust-deniers.

Their evil message still has to be countered at a local level, however, which is why I'm happy to give up my time to campaign against them around the North East.

Cllr Swainston said...

Cllr Wallis,

I see your ability to misrepresent the truth carries on regardless (I thought you might have learnt a lesson from your handling of the budget for the Eastern transport corridor). I would be very intrested to hear exactly what you told residents of Littlebeck Dr about what you think the Lib Dem policies on fortnightly collections are. Still (to quote your own response to comments left by other about you, "why let the facts get in the way of a good smear!"

Looking forward to seeing you on thin ice shortly.

Cllr Swainston

Darlington Councillor said...


For those who weren't at Full Council on Thursday, Cllr. Mike Barker challenged the report I had taken through Cabinet which aims to increase recycling and composting rates of household rubbish here in Darlington from 22% to over 50%. This will be achieved through the new waste contract, which will start on April 6th 2009.

In the report there was a further option which would have raised recycling rates still further, but would have had profound implications for Darlington's household refuse collection. We could, as some other authorities have done, collect household and other green waste separately too. This would however, inevitably mean switching to wheelie bins and fortnightly collections (on clear officer advice). I have taken the view that this would not only be profoundly unpopular with residents, but would set back the environmental cause in the town. These are the arrangements which have caused so much concern recently in North Yorkshire and Wear Valley. On my recommendation, Cabinet did not take that proposal forward.

In his speech Mike lambasted me for my conservatism, and argued that we should collect food waste separately. Now that's a fine and radical ambition, but one I feel would be self-defeating. I would also point out that under the new contract, the greater part of green waste is broken down naturally anyway through the composting process.

By all means continue advocating for wheelie bins and fortnightly collections, Martin (I'll be interested to see how the wheelie bin proposals go down in North Road ward, for example) but I don't believe that this is the way forward.

Cllr Swainston said...

I'm still waiting (as is so often the case) for you to answer the question.

If you have any doubt as to Lib Dem policies regarding waste then visit


The fortnightly collections you claim the Lib Dems advocate is simply you twisting in the usual new Labour style the truth. Cllr Barker suggested that DBC collect batteries and other materials fortnightly when the current recycling scheme stops in April. This would be in addition to what is proposed and place Darlington well ahead of other authorities.

This is not the same as collections of residential waste from the householder which would remain weekly! A totally separate issue to how you’re portraying it here (and the door step it would seem.

It’s about leading recycling rather than being lead by the nose by central government, that and telling the full story.

miketually said...

Friends who live in Yeovil have their food waste collected separately for composting and this is done weekly. IIRC, they didn't have wheelie bins.

Ian White, Maggot Farmer said...

We just had a 2 weekly collection due to the recent strike and when I put the bin bags out yesterday they stunk and were riddled with maggots and flies, I personally can never see fortnightly collections being satisfactory or sanitory.

miketually said...

In the Yeovil scheme I mentioned before, food waste (cooked and uncooked) was collected every week.

I think the only thing collected fortnightly was 'unrecyclable' waste. Because of the range of waste taken for recycling, this actually meant nothing was taken fortnightly for most people.

Of course, with all the negative press given to fortnightly collection in the media, I don't think anyone could bring it in now without a massive backlash.

(No maggots in the three bin bags we put out on Thursday.)

Anonymous said...

Is it France or Spain where they collect rubbish either every day or every other day?