Friday, July 25, 2008

Post Office to Open!

As most Haughton West residents will know, Springfield post office on Thompson Street East closed in October last year after the previous sub-post master retired.
Since then David, Andy and myself have been lobbying Post Office Ltd. to reopen this much-needed facility.

Discussions have been taking place with the owner of the shop on the corner of Springfield Road and Locomotive Street, and for a little while now the shop has has had signs up announcing it's opening soon.

We were told last month that consultation would nevertheless be necessary with residents before the post office could open, and we were about to write to    residents asking them to respond positively to save this vital local resource.

We learnt yesterday that in fact the re-opening will be going ahead anyway on August 21st.  No need then for a big consultation exercise.

That's great news, and we'll be supporting the new enterprise. It's a healthy development when branches in so many other places are having to close.

It needs everyone in the community to support the post office by actively using it, however.  Let's ensure that it's a success and remains in business for many years to come.

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Doubting Thomas said...

Haughton gains again, coincidence?

What of the other 4 areas where posties were closed, clearly they were not in Labour "strongholds" another coincidence?

Where are all the police on a Friday and Saturday night Haughton your ward Nick, coincidence?

Anonymous said...

Nick,,, you say ...Since then David, Andy and myself have been lobbying Post Office Ltd. to reopen this much-needed facility

Is that the same DAVID that was asked to leave the old Springfield Post Office when he went in SHOUTING his mouth off because the owner had decided through health reasons to Sell -up?

Common knowledge with residents in the area Nick,

Darlington Councillor said...

Hven't the faintest idea what you're talking about, anonymous 2#. The simple fact is that the 3 wrad councillors have been working with the post office to secure a replacement for the Thompson Street post office, and I'm delighted that we now have this very positive outcome.

And no, doubting thomas, it's not because we're a Labour area (after all Hopetown post office is in Pierremont where there are 2 Labour councillors) and a slew of post offices have been closed elsewhere regardless of the party affiliation of the councillors or indeed the MPs.

Springfield was always a very popular post office, and I'm sure it has a long future ahead of it. Local residents do need to "use it or lose it" however!

Anonymous said...

Common knowledge Nick, I am though suprised you have'nt called David?,or have you?, or are you hiding the truth?