Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Meanwhile, in LibDem La-La Land...

Many of us were profoundly disappointed when websites like LibDemWatch and FibDems ceased.

You know how it is - you have a nagging sense that many LibDems are basically bonkers, and when allowed a sniff of power promote all kinds of lunacy upon a hitherto unsuspecting public. Without the regular evidence on the net, however, we have been forced to pick up such scraps as we could - who can forget the LibDem plan to teach children how to graffiti on buildings, for example?

Good news, therefore from Newcastle that my NPF colleague Cllr. Nick Forbes has an excellent website which lays bare the incompetence at the heart of the LibDem administration there. Whether it's the LibDems' support for battery farmed eggs, or eye-watering car parking charge increases, or their slashing of the apprenticeship and training budget ot stopping church groups from collecting money, Nick's site has it all.

Nick is the excellent leader of the Labour Group on the city council, and his website should be a 'must read' for anyone wondering what it's like to actually be governed by the LibDems at local level. It's sobering stuff!


Ex-Labour said...

Nick, just remind the readers whos party leader is on the ropes at present and losing by election after by election.

People in Glass houses shouldn't!

Your party are totaly corrupt, say one thing vote for another, have you and JW wangled a plasma screen yet? or does your "williams" list stop at free double glazing and gardening?

If your party is so good why are you allowing the power company's to screw the entire country? or do your MP's get an electric and gas allowance to run the plasma with.

"Brown the clown" if he wasnt so bad it would be laughable he has crippled the Labour party for years to come and opened the doors to the torys.

Shame on you and yours for even letting him become PM!

Anonymous said...

Alan Macnab writes....

I will ignore the jibe, but will say there is a need for politicians of all parties to come together to come up with some solutions to help the people of this country in this economic climate.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the Government and the petrol and energy companies are profiteering at our expense. That is wrong. The fact that we are having to buy our energy on foreign markets when previously we were self sufficient should have been forseen that is a fault of Central Government.

I hope people keep pressuring the energy companies and the Government to reduce their bills.
Parliament must speak as one and say this is wrong and come up with solutions to defend the interests of the people, but what do we find? Parliament has shut up shop for two and a bit months and will not be back until October. The phrase 'fiddling whilst Rome is burning" come to mind. Parliament has to be recalled. Will people take to the streets over this as they did over the Poll Tax in 1990? I don't know the answer to that, but what I do know is people are very angry indeed.

The people,all of the people, need help in this present economic climate and it is the Government' responsibility to help the people. The time for Government action is now.

Ex-Labour said...

Let the darlings (no punn) have a two and a half month break they work hard enough for it (picking hwhat size screen they want and where the best investment for a second home is when it comes to resale value)

Look at this two months as practice for the longer break Labour are going to be getting very very shortly!

What do Nu-Labour care of its people as long as they can screw expensive TV's and second homes out of them before they are forced out.

The should return to Parliament and not leave till they have sorted this mess out, who would of thought those Frenchies dictating what we pay for power to us, they must of forgoten that if it wasn't for us they would all still be speaking German by now after capitulating in a few days, what now "screw those who saved us to subsidise the french", that what it looks like to me.

Re Nationalise all our power industrys and send the French and the EU for that matter a resounding NO! Stop all EU money leaving the UK till we are sorted afterall charity begins at home, if they still desperatly want something off us give them something... all their bloody immigrants back!

My grandfather a war vetren and miner for years a true Labour man till his death will be turning like so many of his friends in his grave now, the Labour he loved and fought to get into power are screwing the man in the street for all they can get!

All this allowance lark needs stopping now, as for having the extra job and after dinner speaking etc. that should be banned the country is in ruins as pepsico boy lines his pockets as Alan Macnab says "while England burns" shame on you Milburn, Wilson and all you others who voted to keep the "john lewis" expenses, giving all your family members cushty jobs, you are a disgrace to what was the Labour party!

Brown the Clown is the sour icing on your cake.

"He who sews the wind, Must be prepared to reap the whirlwind" and Labour have ploughed their last furrow!