Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Investing in play

You may have seen the temporary fencing erected around the play area at the top of Springfield Park.

This is the culmination of a long campaign by David, Andy and myself to improve the facilities here. Local residents have been complaining about the state of the equipment and the surfacing of the site, which has become tired and in need of an upgrade.

When the play area was put in, a link path connected it to Beauly Drive but not Sparrow Hall Drive. Parents taking their kids to the play area in wet weather from here would often find themselves with very muddy shoes afterwards! We've also been pushing for a path to complete the connection across the park.

As you can see, that's being built now. It will mean that residents from Whinfield Park can cross the playing field in wet weather to get to ASDA and Whinfield Primary. Together with the revitalised play area, it represents another significant investment by the Council in our community.

I'm off to the Local Government Association Annual Conference in Bournemouth now - back and blogging on Friday!


Concerned said...

Get in, a new path. WOW

The divine right of kings said...

Strange how Haughton always seems to get priority!
Oh I forgot you are the up and coming leader of DBC. (well until the next elections) when 90% of your seats will be lost.

Nu Labour your a joke!

Darlington Councillor said...

Well, anonymous 1#, I've learnt that it's often by making relatively small changes in our community that we can have the greatest beneficial impact to people's lives. Scoff all you want.

As for the latter anonymous comment - I seem to recall that before the last local elections, certain "braying Tories" (as Mike Barker rightly called them) were confidently predicting that we would be driven from office here in Darlington.

They believed their own propaganda, and of course we held on. I don't know what the outcome of the next local elections in 2011 will be, but I can tell you this - Labour will be fighting for every vote to demonstrate that we can provide the best community leadership for the Borough.

And one strand in that fight will be to show how we have transformed play areas across the Borough - not just in Haughton West, of course, but in community after community. The wonderful new play area in the Denes is another recent example. Hard evidence of Labour action to provide the best facilities for all.

miketually said...

As a user of the playground (well, my daughters use it), I'd like to say that this path and the refurb will be very welcome. Hopefully, the CCTV camera will enable it to be kept in decent condition for a good while.

Anonymous said...

Nick, why was nothing done to re-new or repair the play equiptment?.
Have a closer look it is sadly in need!.

miketually said...

While visitng the playground today I learned that "Longer Lads" should "f*** off" and that "Liverpool are s***".

Luckily I wasn't with my elder daughter, who can read, or I'd have had to explain some of the words to her, and she's not old enough to know about Liverpool just yet.

Before we could play, I had to get the toddler swings down from the top of the frame, where they'd been wrapped. We also had to keep away from one corner, which was covered in broken glass.

We had to keep a careful eye on the two kids, because the gates no longer shut - one because the autoclose mechanism is broken and the other because the new surface has no hole for the bolt.

(Also emailed to Streetscene.)