Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Good Life?

No blogging for a few days whilst we move (finally!) to a permanent address in the Borough.

The cottage we're buying will allow us to live more sustainably, and I have some plans which have my family alternately rolling their eyes or collapsing in a heap in laughter. I'll keep you all updated....


miketually said...

Sounds interesting. I look forward to hearing more.

Richard Briers said...

Very nice Nicholas.
Seems like years on the council has been a good cow to milk.
I wonder how many other Darlingtonians would like a crack at the good life.

Anonymous said...

Margo and Gerry.


good luck and best wishes to you all Nick.

Dr Who said...

Make sure your post is redirected somethings on the way.

Anonymous said...

More like to the manor born!

Anonymous said...

If you move to a "cottage" will you start using your full name of Thorne Wallis, or will the double barrel remain be dropped so you can appear more "the man in the street" to Labour voters?

a arse j jockey said...

Whats this I hear that you were seen on the streets of Newton Aycliffe spending time away from the matrimonial home leaving your long suffering wife to do the hard work of moving into your new house?

Anonymous said...

How do you afford to live out that way with the farmers when you have never worked in your life? Do you have any big property developing schemes abroad also like the rest of your cronies from 80s Liverpool?

Darlington Councillor said...

*Sigh* I think the last anonymous poster is from the 'Peter Jones' school of politics. He was the Tory Councillor who was obsessed with the idea that Darlington Council Leader John Williams had somehow been parachuted in to Darlington by the Militant Tendancy from their Liverpool base.

It was utter rubbish then (if mildly amusing), and I can confirm too that I've only visited Liverpool once (to see the Albert Dock). As for not doing a day's work in my life, well, I've been continuously employed on a full-time basis since 1992, aside from my council work. Still, why let the facts get in the way of a good smear!

Anonymous said...

Do your neighbours hate you? They are all Tory around there.
Do your Labour colleagues think you are a hypocrite? There are plenty of Labour wards to live in around Darlington yet you choose a Tory ward. You are saying by your actions that true blue Tory areas are better to live in!

Darlington Councillor said...

Bizarre and stupid comment, frankly. Councillors don't have to live in the wards they represent (although some do, of course) - unlike MP's, however, we do have to live within the local government boundary.

So Dot Long and Bill Dixon (both Labour councillors) aren't hypocrites for living in Tory College and neither are LibDems Mike Barker (who lives in Labour's Central ward) or Martin Swainston who lives in Tory MSG.

Believe it or not, we all have families, and live where is right for them. Politics, thankfully, don't come into it.

Anonymous said...

The difference is that where you have chosen to live is about as true blue Tory as you could choose to get.

The poor Lib Dems don't really have much of a choice and Dixon and Dot all live on the down at heels fringe of the Tory College ward. Living in a Tory controlled ward in Darlington where boundaries are a bit blurred is a world away from retreating into the rural tory areas of massive strength.

You live where is right for you??? such as Tory heartland Sadberge. What is wrong with the numerous Labour run wards in Darlington? Are they undesirable? Darlington rural seats have an honourable tradation of recognising what Labour is all about and rejecting your candidates with pitiful votes.

I think that you will have this hypocracy brought up to haunt you come election time.

Darlington Councillor said...

Wards aren't Tory run, any more than they are Labour run or LibDem controlled. They might have representatives from any of those parties, but all come under DBC, which is indeed a Labour-controlled council. I have access to the same services as residents anywhere in the Borough.

I think that most people will not see it as "hypocrasy" (sic) for a councillor to live in a ward which elects another party. In my experience they tend to be more concerned about the record of their councillors in listening to and representing them at the Council. Well have to see what judgement they have about me in 2011.

Anonymous said...

You say "Well (sic) have to see what judgement they have about me in 2011".
I think that if you get voted in again in 2011 it will show just how far to the Tories the people of Haughton West have turned.

You represent a party of the working class supposedly yet you live the lifestyle of the typical Tory, right down to where you have chosen to live. There are 18 Labour wards in the Darlington area, why do none appeal to you? What is wrong with Lascelles or Eastbourne?
I think that you should resign from Labour and join The Conservative Party.

The traditional labour voters will think that you are just patronising them by taking offence on behalf of the working class. What the labour party needs is working class heroes like Kier Hardy not yuppies like Nick Victor Thorne Wallis.