Friday, July 25, 2008

By-Election News

No, not the classic mid-term result in Glasgow East, but (for me) the much more interesting result from the Simpasture ward by-election in Newton Aycliffe.

As I blogged earlier, I spent a little time in the ward working for our excellent candidate Malcolm Iveson).  The BNP threw the kitchen sink at the seat, including a visit by their leader Nick Griffin. 

Canvassing there on Saturday was interesting - not least because a car-full of BNP goons accelerated their vehicle at me as I was crossing a road - about par for the course for their mentality, I would have thought.

Still, the result came through last night, and it was a clear win for Labour by over 100 votes, I understand.

So the BNP have failed to pull the wool over the eyes of the voting public again, and the North East remains proudly a fascist-free zone.  Long may that continue!

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BNP Volunteer said...

1) An excellent first time BNP effort in a marginal ward never before contested where the BNP ran a risk of being squeezed but instead gained a solid 29% of the vote.

2) Almost 1 in 3 voters chose BNP

3) New Labour vote down 10% on last years result

4) Increased turnout would have favoured BNP. BNP caavassers on the knocker until nearly ten. A massive amount of "can't be arsed" voters were BNP sympathisers.

5) "Excellent candidate" Malcolm Iveson rumoured to have been in violent incident which required Police intervention when he was Mayor. Can you confirm or deny this?

6) Nick Griffin never even visited North east during the election. Where do you get this story?

7) Car story sounds made up.

8) It wasn't a clear win for Labour. They nervously retained the seat on a reduced majority. 1 in 10 New Labour voters from last time not voting New Labour this time.

9) If you mean BNP free zone by Fascist free zone then take a reality check. Almost 1 in 3 voters chose BNP. Hardly what you describe as a "Fascist free zone"

10) I am a watcher of body language. Iveson looked very tense and edgy during the count. A mile away from his usual cocky swagger he knew it was going to be close.

11) On first glance a New labour Agent commented that they had lost it.

12) Nearly all of the strong and determined BNP team were ex Labour supporters and at least 2 were once Labour Candidates. Another BNP activists Father was asked to be the Labour Party Candidate in Haughton. Who was that? Answers on a postcard.........

13) We turned a blind corner on the estate and almost walked straight into Mr Wilson et al. Again reading body language Your team were stood in a huddle looking dejected and tired. I'd love to know what you were getting told on the doorstep. Be honest in your answer because we knocked those same doors and are well aware what you will have been told.

14) You lost Glasgow East plunging your party into panic, in fighting and disarray. It is good to know that we stretched your vital resources that far that you lost by such a narrow margin. If your Simpasture team of talent had have been out in Glasgow instead then you would have surely been able to secure the 150-200 votes which would have won you the election. Gordon Brown must be cock a hoop about your Simpasture victory.
Talk about losing a pound and finding a penny!

15) The presence of paid officials of New Labour desperately swarming the estate was viewed with cynasism and suspicion by Simpasture residents. We were told they aren't usually interested in this area. They must be after something. I think that excercise did you more harm than good. I bet you were told as much too on the doorstep. Does this explain your long faces when we bumped into you?

16) I confidently predict that you will be spending massive amounts of your time trying to stop the BNP in all these mini Chiltons that are springing up. Sedgefield is now a strong and established group. Our attentions are now going to be aimed at your backyard of Darlington.

17) I admire your brave spin trying to make it look like a good night for New Labour. It wasn't. It was another night of hell for New Labour and Gordon Brown.

18) Is it true what we were told on the doorstep about a Darlington New Labour Councillor being a workmate and close friend of Martin Locklin. Who is that?

Anonymous said...

From the BNP website

Sedgefield British National Party last night scored an impressive 28.2% in the Simpasture ward in Newton Aycliffe. The BNP had never contested this ward before.
What makes the result all the more credible is that Newton Aycliffe is Labour Party central - The town which kept Tony Blair in a safe seat for several years.
The Simpasture ward was keenly fought by all involved because both the Independents & Labour hold a seat each. Independent getting the most votes last time the ward was contested in 2007 with 315 votes, New Labour scoring 279 & 185. So there was a very real possibility that our candidate would get squeezed and poll an embarassing amount in a tightly fought battle between the two controlling parties.

Quite the opposite in fact happened. BNP candidate "Honest" John Hilton pushed the Aycliffe Independents into last place and came within 96 votes of victory. This was also in the face of an extremely dirty Zimbabwe politics style campaign by New Labour which saw 3 nasty smear leaflets put out which makes the BNP result all the more spectacular.

Research has shown though that smear tactics start losing impact once the BNP become established in an area and sometimes have the opposite effect because local voters will have a friend or relative who has had involvement with the party.

A clearly worried local MP, prospective MEP, councillors, a mayor and a Labour internet blogger bigmouth from Darlington were seen desperately trying to keep the BNP vote down. They are now all too aware about how well organised the BNP is becoming in County Durham under the superb leadership of Adam Walker and his team.
This all chiefs and no Indians outfit highlights that New Labour are short of activists in the citadel of Tony Blair. In contrast the BNP picked up 4 enquiries who want to become active in Aycliffe.

Newton Aycliffe is a new area for the BNP and is just starting to find its feet so the new activists will be much appreciated. Prior to this election our party lagged behind other parts of Sedgefield. This was reflected by the fact that in the all out May 2008 elections Sedgefield BNP were only four candidates (two wards) short of a full slate. All the uncontested seats were in Aycliffe. Simpasture was seen as such a low priority that it wasn't even contested yet last night not too far short of one in three voters chose BNP.
The whole campaign has helped normalise the BNP in Aycliffe. Our immaculately dressed and well mannered team of canvassers were the first contact many voters had had with the British National Party with many commenting that they were surprised that we were nothing like what they imagined a BNP supporter to be.

Congratulations to Candidate Honest John for his fantastic result. A real Gentleman with not a bad bone in his body.

Anonymous said...

You will be feeling ill, depressed and despondent through your electoral failings. Get help by visiting Dr Upshall. A very nice man who you nastily slagged off during the 2007 elections. Prozac will bring out your pleasanter side and help you rid yourself of bitterness, hate and scorn.

Anonymous said...

12) Nearly all of the strong and determined BNP team were ex Labour supporters and at least 2 were once Labour Candidates.

That is an interesting comment Nick. What do you have to say about that?
I heard some Tory once putting an opinion that the BNP were far from being right wing. They were he argued Left Wing.

Anonymous said...

12) Nearly all of the strong and determined BNP team were ex Labour supporters and at least 2 were once Labour Candidates.

That is an interesting comment Nick. What do you have to say about that?
I heard some Tory once putting an opinion that the BNP were far from being right wing. They were he argued Left Wing.

Camp David said...

By your reckoning 28% of the electorate are fascists, this silly name caling will only continue to annoy the Great British public who are legitimately concerned about the continued demise of their country. When will you people learn that many have serious worries about the state of our nation and they are increasingly frustrated that none of the other parties are taking them seriously. Unless one of those parties start to listen and adopt some of the BNP policies in certain areas then that party will continue to thrive. It sounds a little childish to continue on the name calling, now they have removed all effect 'racist' had they use 'fascist' and 'nazi' in an attempt to shame. That's ordinary working people of this country to you, we are worried do something about it before it's too late if it's not already.

Darlington Councillor said...

Well, there's a whole shed-load of self-serving nonsense from various far right contributors here which I'm not going to waste my time over. I'd simply say the following;

(1) "The BNP gain their votes not from the right but the left." Highly dubious assumption - you only have to look at the battle ovwer the same sort of territory on the EU between the BNP and UKIP to get an idea where a lot of the BNPs voting strenght comes from.

IMO, the BNP does best in places where the political parties are weakest, or where there is only one political party that is traditionally in power locally. Newton Aycliffe fits into that description, as do a lot of places across Yorkshire and Lancashire which have succumbed to the BNP virus.

It's why the BNP relentlessly targetted Sunderland (where Labour once completely dominated) although fortunately, through an immense amount of work by the anti-fascist movement, they failed to make any breakthrough.

That's why I'm rather less worried about the boasting that BNP is going to sweep into town in Darlington - there is a very healthy tradition of two- and now three-party politics in Darlington. If you don't like the party in charge at the Town hall or in your ward, you can vote for an alternative without having to plump for a racist alternative.

(3) I do not label everyone who votes BNP as either racist or fascist. From my canvassing experience in many places, people often vote BNP as a protest against the major party without any real clue about the BNP's true agenda (see above). Of course this does not apply to the leadership or to many of their candidates, who will be familiar with the party's history and obnoxious and offensive policy stances. So yes, I will continue to tell it like it is - the BNP is a racist and fascist political party.

Anonymous said...

You talk about the true agenda of the BNP.
Can I please ask where did you get this dubious priviledged information.
As you are not a BNP member you would not be proxy to any "true agenda".
I am a member of many years and I am not aware of any secret agenda. Only the agenda which is available to anyone to view in our manifesto.

It is a bit like saying that you lot in the Labour party have a true agenda to put all the rich against the wall, shoot them then distribute their wealth amongst the proletariat and seize ownership of the factories to put it into the hands of the workers.

ian h said...

Good to see that the good people of Newton Aycliffe were not taken in by the fascists.

Whilst many may feel let down by the present Labour establishment they obviously have seen through the respectable front of the BNP and the filth which lies so close to their surface.