Saturday, June 21, 2008

Walking on...

A bizarre letter in this morning's Echo from Cairngorm estate resident Christopher Wardell. Anyone who reads 'Hear All Sides' regularly will know that not having a great deal that's sensible to say has ever deterred Mr Wardell from putting pen to paper. I think the polite term for someone like him is "prolific correspondent".

Anyway, this morning we were treated to the following;

I recently had a hand-delivered letter posted through my letterbox, explaining tht my "local Labour councillors" would be conducting a walking surgery in the cul-de-sac where I live. All I had to do to grab their attention was to turn the letter around, and place the "Stop" sign in the front window.

I hope I baffled Councillors David Lyonette, Andrew Scott and Nick Wallis with my own handmade sign bearing the words: "Keep on Walking".

None of these councillors got my vote, so why should I waste my time talking to them, as the Labour Party never listens to what the public says?

Thanks for the letter, though. It has helped rekindle my interest in abstract art.

So there you have it. Don't engage in public consultation, and you're attacked for not listening. Try and communicate with local residents and that's slated because Labour doesn't listen anyway. Damned if we do, and damned if we don't.

In fact, this is the 10th year that we've run street surgeries in Haughton West - we were amongst the first to do so in the North East. In all honesty, Mr Wardell's cynical dig is the first complaint we've ever received - otherwise residents have always told us how pleased they are that we are trying to make it as easy as possible to get to grips with local problems.

Neither can we conduct street surgeries (or any other element of our representational role) only for those who voted for us. Explicitly, elected representatives have to work for the whole community, regardless of party affiliation, and we are proud to do so.

I guess the final indignity for Mr Wardell is that we never even saw his piece of "abstract art". Maybe he can reprise it for our next walking surgery on the estate...


Anonymous said...

Your arrogance is breathtaking.

Singlehandedly, New Labour has destroyed the Electoral system in this country by making voting worthless.

In your own 'constituency' isn't it right that less than 40% of the electorate actually elected to vote and many did not vote because of what they saw as the pointlessness of the first past the post system?

Is it not correct that the Tories were the largest electoral party in terms of numbers of votes but because of ward arrangements, Labour got the most seats despite most people in Darlington not wanting you?

Arrogant buffoon.

Anonymous said...

Mr Wardell is one of the reasons that I and my family stll buy and read the Echo.
His comments in hear all sides are humourous and always tongue in cheek. He has a good sense of both fun and humour. I have forgotten the times that my husband and I have laughed out loud at his stories.
You and your party would do well to take a leaf out of his book.

Maybe he should stand at the next local elections in your ward I'm sure that he would shake up a couple of the "arrogant party candidates" and would definately recieve our votes.


Anonymous said...

Coming from what the Observer dubbed the 'weak, nasty party' this morning then your comments are a little rich.

Why don't you start again with your sexual innuendo jokes like you did with Charles Johnson and Heather Scott when you had to apologise just like your joke 'proper' Cabinet colleague Andy B who has had to apologise to David Davis and the woman from Liberty......

Weak and nasty..........

miketually said...

I had no idea he was a neighbour!

Darlington Councillor said...

Hmmm - loads of bile from a few contributors on this thread. I think we've been round the course about May 2007's election result a few times before, although clearly some Tories still haven't come to terms with it.

At the end of the day, if you support the First Past the Post system (as I thought most Tories did?) you have to accept that sometimes the party with fewer votes wins control. It's happened nationally, and certainly happens in local elections too.

So you can't blame Labour for the outcome of the result. FPTP has been the foundation of our electoral system since I guess the 14th century, and so can hardly be laid at the door of New Labour.

Of course, Mr Wardell can stand in Haughton West next time, as can any Darlington resident. The point I was tring to make, however, was that he simply can't pick and choose who he is going to represent - that has to be done without reference to how particular residents voted.

And as for being called "weak and nasty" well, to underline a point that's been made repeatedly on the other recent thread, at least when I criticise someone, I do so in my own name, anonymous. And when I make a mistake, I say so, and make any changes necessary. A principled approach, wouldn't you agree?

A...rse J...ockey said...

I love Chris Wardells letters to the Echo. I think that he has a skill of putting a witty and right wing view of current affairs across.

Anonymous said...

that was a quote from the 'Observer' you buffoon, from one of your own........

Anonymous said...

Broader shoulders and a sense of humour are called for Nick.
The article was funny and not intended to be a personal attack.
Funnily new Labour seem to have had a humour bypass at present.At least Tony Blair had a sense of humour and could laugh at himself.
Bring back Tony Blair.