Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tea with the MYP!

Emily addressing the meeting, with the Head of Youth Services Mervyn Bell

To the Council Chamber this afternoon, where Darlington's newly-elected Member of the Youth Parliament Emily Christer gave a presentation about her aspirations for her two years in office. You can see Emily's Youth Parliament profile here.

She gave a remarkable speech for someone who is just 16 years old, and she's clearly got "the bug", wanting to be a political correspondent when she leaves college.

It wasn't hard either to see how she had won the election - Emily had based her manifesto on the results of her comprehensive survey amongst young people in the town. Top of their priority list was a cafe where young people could go in the town centre; a radio station run by and for young people; cheaper prices to get into leisure facilities in town, like the Dolphin Centre and the cinema; more positive reporting of young people in the media and better signposting of all the activities which are on offer for young people at present. Emily has based her programme on that ambitious agenda.

Her presentation was very well-received, and officers and Children's Services lead Cllr. Chris McEwan are already working with Emily and her team to see how the agenda can be taken forward. As portfolio holder for Sustainable Development and Climate Change, young people are a key group I want to engage with, as we develop our response to the reality of climate change. Having an active and enthusiastic MYP is a firm foundation on which to begin.


Concerned said...

Would you like to groom this teen girl Nick for the Labour Party?

Anonymous said...

Your'e right Nick.
"It wasn't hard to see how she won the election"

A massive cock up in the vote count by Democratic Services. Splashed all over the Northern Echo at the time. You seem to have selectively forgot that point Nick.
They had to elect all three nominees because of it.
How can the voters of Darlington have any confidence that this will not happen again.

Darlington Councillor said...

Anonymous 2# -it's my understanding that Emily won fair and square - there were some problems with the counting of the remaining candidates' votes, but this did not affect the winner of the contest. Why try and tarnish this young person's achievement to make a cheap political point against the ruling group?

Anonymous 1# - the language you have carefully used is beneath contempt! No wonder you chose to remain anonymous!!