Thursday, June 05, 2008

Off to Mulheim

On Tuesday, I waved goodbye to the interpid cyclists pedalling their way furiously to Darlington's twin town in Germany, Mulheim.

One of the participants is my wife Sandy. If you remember the weather on Tueday, you'll appreciate that they arrived at North Shields to get the ferry after a gruelling first day looking like drowned rats. They've made good progress since then, and today have reached the bridge at Arnhem.

Also on the trip are three councillors - Tom Nutt, Dot Long and Mike Barker. The trip is designed to raise funds for our burgeoning town twinning links, not just with Mulheim and Amiens, but maybe further east too, and all the cyclists have been busy raising thousands of pounds for this very good cause. Tom Nutt continues to do magnificent work helping our town twinning initiative to go from strength to strength.

If you'd like to sponsor Sandy, Tom, Mike or Dot, contact Darlington Partnership on 347773.


Ian White said...

Whilst I wish them all well and the best of luck, would it not be better to be raising funds for our OAPs and Disabled to have 24/7 bus passes, I was always taught "charity begins at home" when will this "Listening council" do just that?

cllr. mark burton said...

Ian.... away, give it a rest!

Anonymous said...

From Mike Barker:

Today we had a very moving experience: visiting the war cemetery for those who fell in the battle for the bridge at Arnhem and later seeing the re-built bridge itself.
This is being posted from an internet cafe late at night on the way back to our hotel gaving eaten superb (yes, really) German food outdoors beside the Rheine.

Spirits are high, the weather today has been great and no-one has had a puncture (yet).
Tom is a star!

Cllr. Mark Burton said...

Nice one Mike... bring me back something nice ;)

Ian "give it a rest" White said...

Cllr Mark Burton said...

"Ian...Away give it a rest"

Another "Listening Labour Cllr."

How indicative of the arrogant attitude "our betters" have to the man in the street.

If one of your electorate asked you about the passes would you give them the same "give it a rest" answer?

Comments like this go to show what contempt the Labour party in Darlington has for the wishes of its electorate!

Why will none of you (cllrs) stand up for the people who elected you and sort this bus pass thing out?

I wont go away just because you lot dont like hearing the truth.

Cllr. Mark Burton said...

Ian, wrong topic... being 'internet bread' you know the score - on any forum as well as I do. Banging on about the same thing just anywhere is just not the done thing! Any ways tis Friday night and time to let my hair down :)

Anonymous said...

Alan Macnab writes....

Any news from the cyclists? Have they made it?

N. Howard Hurworth said...

Cllr Burton,

You pompus ass who died and made you the internet police, especially on someone elses forum.

I fully support Ian, Gill and those like them who "Bang on" about things they feel are wrong, at least they are standing up for those he represents out in the sticks, Not like you turning your back on your Harrowgate Hill voters, us out here in villages where DBC has washed its hands of us since we kicked JW's butt over Hurworth Comp an issue that still does not sit well in the corridors of power, always get the short straw.

I say let them bang on, here there and anywhere! If you Labour lot dont like it do something about it, good luck to you Ian if "Banging on" gets us what we want and that is full 24/7 passes!

cllr. mark burton said...

pompus ass... I like that :)

Anonymous said...

Tonight I'm blogging from the flat of a lovely couple who have given me access to their computer.
We reached Mulheim successfully and were awarded medals, after a lengthy speech of welcome from our German hosts, on the stage just before the outdoor screening of the first Euro2008 football match.
German hospitality has been superb, and is based on the consumption of vast quantities of food and alcohol!
Today, having reached our destination yesterday, we joined the local cycling club for a gentle ride along the Ruhr, which is much greener and attractive than I was expecting. Today's food intake was breakfast at 8, followed by brunch at 11, lunch at 1, ice cream at 3 and a BBQ at 6.
Yours, bloatedly, Mike!

Anonymous said...

Alan Macnab writes....

Well done. Enjoy the rest of your stay.

Anonymous said...

Shame Wallis & Burton did not go with them !