Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Highway matters

The Haughton Road/Salters Lane South junction today.

Two pieces of good news today. The Council will shortly be consulting on its plan to improve traffic conditions on Haughton Road, from the junction with the Eastern Transport Corridor to the Stockton Road/Whinfield Road roundabout.

With the soon-to-be opened Eastern Transport Corridor predicted to take traffic away from this stretch of road, which includes historic Haughton Green, there is an opportunity to improve the layout of junctions and boost road safety.

Of particular relevance to residents in Haughton West are the plans to install a mini-roundabout at the junction of Salters Lane South and Haughton Road (near to St Andrews Church). This should help to alleviate the long traffic queues which build up on Salters Lane South at peak times. Traffic planners don't believe that this measure will increase the number of cars using Salters Lane South as a rat-run, because of the traffic calming already in place.

David, Andy and myself would like to know what residents think, and we're pleased that a consultation exercise is being planned, whcih should include letters being sent in the area, and an exhibition. People should be able to see the plans online and comment there too. I'll blog on this again when more is known about consultation, and we'll also publicise the scheme in our next ward newsletter.

Secondly, we have been pushing for some time to have speed monitoring equipment installed on roads where residents feel there is a real problem. Yesterday, the speed survey equipment was put in place on Hutton Avenue, Littlebeck Drive and Wylam Avenue. It will in situ for 7 days, and we hope to get the results back by the middle of July.

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Anonymous said...

so what is it, one minute its to get rid of traffic and now lately there is no talk of this and it is only to open up new land for development. next there ill be the eastern transport corridor #2 the road will be clogged up before you know it. why didnt they build a dual carriageway ???