Sunday, June 15, 2008

Grass grumbles

I spent yesterday morning on 'site visits' with residents who wanted to raise specific issues with me around the ward. First stop was Glamis Road, where the state of the grass cutting is a problem - there are quite a few patches where the grass has been left uncut around the Sparrow Hall estate, and frankly the verges look a mess.

Then it was off to Regal Drive, where overgrown bushes and potholes around the Kingsway were highlighted. The tarmac on the Kingsway was laid in 1998 by the new unitary council on top of the concrete surface, which had caused grumbles for many years, although the County had refused to act when they were the highway authority. Potholes and fissures have begun to appear, so it's time for some remedial action.

Finally, I called in at Lyonette Road to hear about a housing problem. The it was off home to send emails off to the officers about the problems, and mail out the 8th Haughton West E-Newsletter. If you live in Haughton West, and would like to receive this update on news about our community and wider issues in Darlington, just email me at


Anonymous said...

Nick,,, as a Haughton councillor why are you avoiding commenting on the FAILING EDUCATION VILLAGE?

Anonymous said...

Nick, the questions returned as was in the previous topic Sliding down the greasy pole, are you avoiding making a comment on the failings at the Education Village?.
Are you ignoring the question, or can't you comment?.
It's looking a little suspicious now, please comment,,,,,,, if you dare!!

Anonymous said...

Strong words from anonymous 1 and 2, show some backbone Nick make a comment on the EV,AND DONT FORGET TO MENTION HOW THE MANAGEMENT AT THE EV ARE FAILING THE CHILDREN.
You cant bury your head on such an important topic forever!, or can you?.

Anonymous said...

Oh it's all gone quiet over there.

Ian White, 24/7 Passes! said...

Onto the grass verge its a joke surely you can find out who was on grass duty that day for that area and ask them if they would cut their own grass like that?

As for the previous EV comments Nick, the silence is deafening!

Remember all.... 24/7 bus pass protest outside town hall Friday 27th June 10am all welcome bring a friend!

Remember DBC "listen", "monitor" but very little else show them how you feel.

Do it now while we in this country still have the right of free protest before even that is removed under Brown's new anti terrorism laws!

Anonymous said...

We all may get locked up for 42 days without charge, its a disgrace LABOUR OUT!

Ian White 24/7 bus passes said...

Nick is it right about 24/7 bus passes?

Electorate 1 John Williams 0

Darlington Councillor said...

I've dealt with the EV issue in the comments section on the concessionary bus pass issue. This of course has also addressed the matter of free concessionary bus travel.

But Ian, I don't know how you can somehow portray this as a defeat for John Williams. I think you've got to take the blinkers off, and applaud John for his leadership on this issue.

Last year's revenue budget simply had no room to allow even more money to be allocated to concessionary bus travel (it's important to remember that the Pedestrian Heart/ETC overspend are red herrings here - they are capital and not revenue issues, and are completely unrelated).

We made it clear at the time that we would keep this matter under review, however. We listened to what older people had to say - at an event at the Dolphin Centre, at Talking Together events and from our own residents. And when the money became available owing to good housekeeping, we made the change that was asked for.

That's sensible, effective leadership in my book. And I think the people of Darlington may well agree.

Darlington Councillor said... the way, the grass problem is sorted!