Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Biking for bling - in a good cause

Some of the cyclists at North Shields this morning. Back row: Mike R & Mike B. Middle row: Tom, Helen & Sandy. Front row: Glynis & Dot.

Darlington's intrepid cyclists are back from Mulheim, including my wife Sandy. It seems they had lots of adventures...

Tom's asked me to put this on the blog;

"The purpose of getting sponsorship was to set up a special fund to assist young people from Darlington who might otherwise be excluded from international experiences. This might include any indivdual or group who are not able to make the full contribution. Raising funds like this has already helped many young people from the town to have foreign travel when they otherwise may not have been able to go, and broaden their horizons."

It's not to late to add to the sponsorship money raised by the team - you can do so by contacting Darlington Partnership on 347773.


miketually said...

Congratulations to all who made the trip.

Eight of the ten are now Cycle Campaign members :)

Ian White 24/7 passes said...

The other 2 want to use their bus passes before 9:30!